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We can’t have European people suffer because of stupid sanctions - former Greek diplomat
Nov 27, 2022


Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Question more!



Why should the people of the West suffer just because their governments want to wage war against Russia? - that’s what former Greek diplomat Leonidas Chrysanthopoulos thinks. And he says that in true democracies, the wishes of the citizens must be taken into account.

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  • Thank you sir - speaking as an Irish Patriot, I knew that our beloved Greek friends, represented by a wonderful former Greek diplomat in defence of the truth, would support and defend us in the rest of Europe against the great deceptive evil that we are all suffering

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  • Us british and European people are never given any alternative. They day we voted for green measures also, but where was our alternative option to gibe our vote to. Its a uniparty with very little choice

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