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We decided to supply battle tanks to Ukraine – Germany’s Scholz
Jan 25, 2023


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‘We are going to train Ukrainian troops how to use these tanks, and we are also going to train engineers how to maintain and repair these tanks,’ German Chancellor Olaf Scholz told the Bundestag. Training could begin as early as late January, the Bundeswehr reported.

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  • So no crying when the Russians send in missiles to destroy your tank factories, right? You and your partners can discuss that when that happens.

  • So blowing up the pipeline was a "success" for someone. I wonder who?

  • NATO tanks to kill Russians.. hmm

  • Idiots! Germany is not only responsible for WWII, but WWIII too. History repeating itself. Instead of Jews, they are going to genocide Russians while the West cheers them on. Absolutely disgusting! Germany needs to be wiped off the planet. They have learned nothing from their past. Patsies for the US, EU and warmongering NATO! .No one should get away with genocide twice!

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