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West resists formation of new multipolar world order
Oct 01, 2022


Freedom over censorship, truth over narrative. Question more!



The world is undergoing global changes, with more and more countries trying to escape Western hegemony. Guess who’s not happy about it?

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  • The Ukraine government is CIA owned and operated.

  • I don't reconize Biden as potus. nope.

  • I stand with putin. sorry. no I am not sorry.

  • [email protected]@[email protected] y0urk3vich former exec & [email protected] [email protected] in T0ronto ON carried out human experiments of radioactive nanodust on its employees by spraying/beaming dust from office ceilings/walls. Now same NANO POISONING been applied on both Donald Trump & JB.

    Russia's slow progress on ukraine coz'd by israel aiding zelensky with nano surveillance on Kremlin&Russian mil.

    The nanodust when inhaled or ingested ultimately accumulates in the brain causing severe aneurysm & cancer. israel & deepstate developed radioactive nanodust that can be remotely sprayed or beamed towards targeted victims using WiFi RF.

    israel & deepstate actors, overwhelmingly hailing from poland & ukraine, also been helping zelensky with nano surveillance on Kremlin & Russian troops. israel whacked most Kremlin ppl by nano poisoning. Looks like both superpowers are at the mercy of this tiny snakepit israhell.

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