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Why should US decide how everyone behaves - Roger Waters
Aug 12, 2022


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Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has joined RT to talk about his latest CNN interview, global geopolitical situation, economical issues and more.

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  • Mr. Waters, I'll answer your question if you answer mine: Why should anyone give a damn what a Trump-slandering rock star has to say about anything?

  • Of course he doesn't mind coming to the USA to get stinking rich.

  • Agent Smith will be along shortly to talk to Roger.

  • Maybe he should mention who the real lunatics are. The fucking jews who are behind the whole thing. Zelensky = jew who's taking what he can to drain the U.S. at the orders of the Israeli's. And by the way Putin is not a lunatic. He's fighting the jew world order whether he knows it or not. This dude means well but peace didn't work in the 60's and it won't work now. It only turns men into faggots.

  • How about NOONE decides how ANYONE ELSE behaves, so long as they are not actively trying to hurt someone??

  • NATO War Criminals

  • 'The US'? Is it that simple?

  • The US is under occupation of a foreign entity. Namely WEF Globalists trying to implement a NWO.

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