A Lispy Queer Mask-Shames Me
Jan 05, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


A precious and lispy man got a little irked because I wasn't wearing a mask while shopping. From this alone, he determined that I am a Christian and a Trump supporting COVID-denier. Lucky guesser. Trigger warning!

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  • I had the Coronavirus a week ago.. I'm still experiencing some symptoms, however more importantly, my dad also has COVID and he has been in the hospital for three weeks and he my not survive... with that said, I am not here to shame anyone or force you to wear a mask. I just need prayer for my dad so that he may recover and live from this pandemic. Thanks

  • I've noticed they only accost women not wearing masks.

  • Maybe I'm old fashioned but it wasn't all that long ago that it was criminals who wore masks and now they expect me to believe those who aren't wearing masks are the real criminals. Mmm, I don't think so.

  • I think breathing your own CO2 increases mental illness.

  • love that ur shaming this man for trying to shame u. brave xo

  • This is hilarious. I love how calm you remain.

  • One sure sign of a liberal (out of a few indicators) is they seem to be endlessly looking to be offended. My wife exhibits some of these characteristics, yet she always votes conservative. I suspect she would be a liberal, were it not for her being a Christian. But since I try and refrain from being sanctimonious, that's not for me to judge.

  • People must be ashamed of themselves walking around with those masks. They either look like criminals hiding their faces behind scarves, or idiot adults with pacifiers (when seen from the side.) If you are forced to wear a mask or face being fined, at least get a clear one or a cheese cloth that is see-through so you don't walk around scarring children for life. Today's children have a right to form facial recognition skills as much as you did at their age.

  • let's not use homosexuality as an insult, but man, this guy is a loser. if he's so concerned about spreading covid, why stand anywhere near them?

  • Imagine having to put up with this character at a Thanksgiving dinner table.

  • Fucking faggot

  • Shammmmeeeful. Just shammmmeeeful. HEHEHE

  • Watching that a couple of days ago, I literally couldn't tell what gender they were. I thought the person might be trans

  • I’m absolutely thrilled I stumbled upon you! You’re my first sub on GabTV!

  • Bahahahaha

  • he needs the cane because his butt hurts

  • Should have tripped that bundle of sticks!

  • Drop the faggot right where it stands

  • Hay, I think you found Waldo.... the glasses are a dead giveaway!

  • Saw this on you tube! I like the title here better!

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