Amazon Is Blocking Therapy Books
Mar 23, 2021

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As the largest book publisher in the world, Amazon has the strangulation power to prevent information from ever being published. It is actively wielding that power to suppress therapeutic books that relate to curing "transgenderism" (gender dysphoria) and homosexuality. The number of genres that it buries will continue increasing over time. Leftists are never satiated as perpetual conflict is another aspect of their associated disorders. The establishment has been working to suppress cures for a variety of diseases for over a century, so in a sense, nothing in this is new.

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  • Homosexuality is a mental illness that mainstream mental health "cured" by declaring it "normal". In turn, this opened a Pandora's box of sexual deviancy that the West is living with today.

  • Fightin the good fight Sarah. Keep it up!

  • Well said.

  • I am not surprised about this they've already banned books by dr james fetzer

  • Judging what a client intends to do isn't even necessary for the question of therapeutic goals. The freedom to remake yourself in any way you want would be considered traditionally liberal .. only you can no longer attempt to remake yourself into not-gay or not-trans, and information about it is now restricted. Worse yet, research itself restricted to make it legitimately harder to make science-based claims. It's to the point that you actually have to go oversees to find recent scholarly articles on possible causes of homo / trans presentation .. which is particularly odd because you don't have to frame something as an "illness" in order to research it .. we're free to study any range of behaviors and causes that aren't negative .. such as attachment theory, body language or flow states. All but one area of human experience is available for study ..

    I blame DSM 3 actually.

  • I was going to bitch about your use of Nazi book burning, but when you said "If it was any other body part, we'd all agree" you instantly redeemed yourself. lol.

    If someone was smart, they'd start a bookstore chain called "Banned-mazon"

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