Anti-White Is the New Black
Last Friday at 2:36 PM

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From threats of shooting whites in the head to academic papers pining about supposedly curing the "parasitic disease" of the caucasian race, the dangerous insanity is only increasing. Schools within New York state are now creating educational programs wherein all white students are excluded, in one of the latest examples of institutional, anti-white racism. At the same time, other academic institutions throughout the U.S. are becoming more vocal in their rampant intolerance of "whiteness". Not so long ago, the mantra was "fighting racism", but now they are embracing racism in a big way. It could be said that they are finally showing their true colors.

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  • Inspirational

  • Not anti white, just pure racism. We have this utterly bizarre situation where reverse racism, black on white, is now acceptable. In Zimbabwe, when people were lining up to buy goods, because of constant shortages, black people would stand aside and offer former Prime Minister Ian Smith, their place in the que and beg him to run the country again, because Marxist Bob moron Mugabe, was destroying it, as we have all seen. What did the leftists say about the destruction of what was the breadbasket of Africa, and after their hysteria and noise about the Smith government?....silence. Marxist socialism kills, and has killed more people than any other political system.

  • whites are best.

  • Less white = less, period.

  • Wow very good points

  • I still say acceptance of the meaningless and artificial construct of the “white” label is a mistake which plays into the hands of the Jewish and other oligarchs who are orchestrating this mess. Do not internalize the commands of your oppressor. Psychological warfare uses mental slavery

  • Note that the requirements do not say what you "identify as" until you get to the end of who is permitted - just in case you have one white parent and one minority parent, you’re given an out by "identifying" as a third race or nationality on the exclusive list. Even "identifying as something" other than what your biology says is being slowly being discarded. That way they make the determination on what you are. It rejects students who are half white/half anything else- you must be two or more of anything but white. You can be black/white and "identify as Asian" also because then you have two races that aren’t Caucasian. Complicated enough yet?

    What happens when they find out that they’ve admitted a student who is black by appearance, states on their application that they’re "black" and it’s found that student has one white parent? Do they get shamed out of the program because of their "half privilege"?

    However, once white students are rejected that makes them "underrepresented". So what happens then?

    His one is especially bad because it’s overtly racist in nature using the term "underrepresented". It does not use the term "underprivileged" because, well duh! it implies that anyone of any race might be underprivileged. And we all have been told that white people are privileged without exception.

    These pernicious people need to be named and shamed and rejected by society. People of all races and nationalities need to band together and reject this unanimously. People should be judged by their character as an individual by all other individuals. Special academic programs and all college admissions should consider only a student's academic ability and potential. Jobs should be offered to a candidate based on their ability to do and devote their time to do the job - period.

  • Thank you for the information

  • Say It Loud...😆 "I'm White And I'm Proud!!!" ✊😉😏😌😊🤣👍

  • I wonder who put “2 dislikes” c’mon man,,it is very clear the anti white agenda,,,

  • That psycho meant Every Word of what she said. Better bunker down , folks. There’s more like her out there.

  • The sad thing is a lot of this anti white sentiment is coming from liberal communist whites. So the cancer is Liberals/Democrats The answer is for red states to secede from this shitty union and form a country where everyone is equal and if you talk this trash you will be deported to the union of communist states controlled by the democrats.

  • The left has taught people that virtue signalling is the same as actually doing something, great job Sarah, enjoy your videos.

  • You just need to look at the data on income and poverty. If you have anything other than self interest and fear you might consider something that tries to lift people out of poverty a good thing?

  • Whites need to behave the same way. Im tired of pretending I need to include nonwhites with anything at all anymore.

  • What a beautiful gal. All this nonsense has been going on for years unreported. We've been betrayed

  • All whites need to learn self defense. ASAP

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