Canada Is Disappearing Travelers
Feb 17, 2021

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The Canadian Government has embraced a despotic policy of kidnapping its own citizens and imprisoning them in secret locations for undetermined periods of time. Here we go again with more abuses of emergency powers under the guise of fighting the flu, but this has nothing to do with health.

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  • You have no real Constitutional rights like we do in the U.S. You still belong to the British Commonwealth. Your fault Canucks for not standing up to your authoritarian government. For they have succeed in taking your rights to have or own firearms like we do.

  • And now the left is in full control of America, you will follow, but will Americans have it?

  • Why hasn't there been mass rebellion in Canada , are they that foolish to think this will stop or do they enjoy Tyranny , When the government does more harm than this made up plan-demic what possible do you have to lose but by rebellion , unless you unite by the millions they will pick you off one by one and that next person could be you !

  • Canadians are stupidly putting with this crap. Whatever. Move on.

  • They are prepping for the next round. We ain't seen nothing yet. Milgrim experiments were nothing compared to what's coming.

  • Pope Francis was complicit in the disappearance of 30,000 people during Argentina's Dirty wars...1996 America enacted Hippa and Patient confidentiality laws that seals your medical documentation from any advocates.....1997 Mays Landing Prison NJ created a Fraud in the inducement by adding a box that Transfers your POWER oF Attorney to Wells Fargo Bank,Prison Officials and Jewish Family Services a Goldman Sachs entity....They have been Disappearing people for over 2 decades to steal their Monthly SSI/SSD payments, targeting the psychiatric population reci9eving those benefits...The Vatican is behind it along with Goldman Sachs fraudsters and Big banks...People are worth more dead than alive in America's organ harvesting scam run like a mob run chop shop.....Social worker of all the large Psychiatric centers in trials state area are complicit..

  • I've spent 6 total weeks in military quarantine over the last year "against my will" aka under orders while traveling. Mostly in deserts. It felt a little like prison. I thought it was great though. Especially compared to Canadian travel quarantines.

  • They arent being punished for leaving, they are being punished for coming back. There is a world of difference there. They can only do this when their citizens ALLOW them to do this.

  • Could it be something to do with commonwealth countries? Victoria Australia has been doing hotel quarantine as well. Canada, New Zealand and Australia are all commonwealth countries.

  • Yep the same thing is happening in NZ. A few weeks ago it was brought to my attention that they are using the imprisonment of the public as job creation.

  • I am lost for words

  • It is happening in Toronto too and Montreal.... it is like the twilight zone,,,

  • Now that Trump has been fraudulently pushed out of the way and the rigged "Dominion Voting Machines" and other fraudulent mechanisms are slated to be permanently in place; the American Fascists/Communists will be in charge for the foreseeable future. This is no longer governance "By the Consent of the Governed" and there seems to be nothing we can do about it short of revolution. Now Biden is on a fast track to make sure that doesn't happen, by disarming Americans one way or the other. Every institution tasked with ensuring "Equal Justice Under the Law" has failed us, afraid to "Rock the Global Government Boat" and are fast tracking policies to place us all under the "Dominion" of non elected bureaucrats. This is not good!

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