Children Are the Prey
Mar 19, 2021

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A children's court judge (Brett Blomme) in Milwaukee, WI has been arrested on charges of distributing child pornography. He was the leader of a pro-Gay organization, and lives with his two adopted children and 'husband'. Our society cowardly refuses to acknowledge the obvious, and our children pay the price.

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  • This pedophile gets to go back into a home with two kids there while other judges rip kids from their homes because the mother and/or father is lax in using masks.

  • One sick Bastard.

  • We have all ignored fraudulent based wars and the slaughter of innocent Men Women and children and entire countries for the Rich Corp. Powers to control and steel what they have cornered markets to where only a few hold all control of everything right down to the basics needed for survival like food and water in which they poison by their very presence they have teachers unions to mind control the children and in other words GOD will enact his Judgement to all of us

  • With a name pronounced "Blow Me" what did you expect?

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