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CNN Fears Journalists
Jan 24, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


CNN (Communist News Network), alongside other leftist groups, is ratcheting up its campaign to destroy the lives of independent commentators and all non-Marxist journalists. Since they're rapidly hemorrhaging viewers, they want to destroy the competition and leave viewers nowhere else to go. They are openly championing the elimination of free speech and a free press.

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  • Thanks for watching CNN so I don't have to!

    Noticed behind you on the top-shelf your copy of "The Politically-Incorrect Guide to the Civil War." We read several of those in our homeschool. I have read a few more "on my own." Perhaps you would consider doing Book-Reviews of some? The "P.I.G." book on Feminism would be especially welcome to GAB Christians in general, not simply homeshoolers.

  • It’s kind of quaint that CNN still believes they have the ability to sway anyone’s opinion at this point. You’re either in the CNN Echo Chamber of Propaganda or you’re not. They’re not fooling anyone, the CNN talking heads haven’t been journalist for decades – if ever. Independent and citizen journalist are the ones who will breathe new life and vigor into the Fourth Estate going forward. CNN knows this and they are afraid that they will become as obsolete as they already are.

  • Screaming at the Australian government to ditch Google & start-up our own Server Farms to provide local & to the world . GABs (& Parlor) problems are because of Google .

  • Brian Stelter not only LOOKS like a potato, he IS a potato.

  • Thank you for your research.

  • I'm not just tired of everywhere else, I just like your channel.

  • Libtards hate truth and facts.

  • Truth is it's the energy people get from each other as they converse. Your excitement is actually felt you take what was fed to you and added yours to that and fed that back to them. This upliftment is not the same as over Zoom or phone. That's why isolation of you is imperative. As a teenager why did you always take another with you when you went to an amusement park? You never see someone go for the day to a fun place like that alone why do you suppose that is .

  • Complete censorship ended when the internet began. Every enterprise/business that requires profit to exist will be dragged kicking and screaming to the realisation that money overrules ideology. Economics is our ally in our enemies camp.

  • It is amazing how YouTube has been licking the boots of the Big Media for years, which has resulted in them repeatedly turning on and betraying their own producers. The bone heads who are running YouTube don't seem to realize that those networks are not partners and they will never be. They want YouTube dead. It will be well deserved if they succeed.

  • Their viewership is tanking so they lash out. They can't beat the others fairly so they want to force them off the air. Yet another example of unity.

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