Crusader Gal's Social Stream 10/28/2021
Oct 29, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


This live show covered the degeneracy promoted by candy companies, the purge of whites from museums and colleges, the Biden Administration's plan to reward illegal aliens, and more.

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  • when is china joe going to trial for murdering those 6 kids

  • I have never heard it explained quite like that before, but you are right the abused becoming the abusers is how they reproduce and now they are using government education system to exponentially expand their ranks.

    It is a big reason why they should never have been allowed to be in positions of authority or influence, be it a teacher, a cop, military officer, election official etc... I mean you would not let anyone else with known psychiatric disorders in those positions right, homosexuality is no different.

  • This is all you need to know about Joanna Lumley, Sarah:

  • I just ate my last Twix today! Way to go, Sarah!

  • Great show Sarah!

  • Western Civilization is doomed for as long as Jewish Supremacy is allowed to metastasized throughout the culture: Hollywood, University, Government.

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