Crusader Gal's Social Stream 7/28/2021
Jul 29, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


A social live stream that covered the increasing use of finance as a means of silencing political opposition, the furor at a New England church that dared to speak Biblical truth, and the farcical Congressional hearings about the January 6th protest.

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  • A third of young people polled said that China should be the model that the US strives to emulate. The CCP already does the Social Credit Score. There is no democratic party in America. It's a mostly useless GOP vs the communists.

  • Just as a thought experiment so please understand that it's truly holistic and therefore a device ok? If you slaughter everyone invested in Blackrock and Vanguard then half your problems will be solved. Those people are aware of that but they feel safe from you because you are weak and therefore irrelevant. Does that help? Is that over the top? I'm conflicted so please let me know.

  • Go to "The Corbett Report" and check out the Agora. That is Greek for 'The Marketplace' where Socrates was wont to accost people with such questions as "what is the good"?
    Parallel society is an important way of resisting so please do take a day off from your cell phone and go to a farmer's market and make some contacts. I'd like to barter with you and you may find it is a much better deal than you're getting at Kroger's because there's less overhead.

  • Well now, this particular stream was more important than any other I've found on the net. Obviously you've done your homework. Brainwashing is a science and even if you know what has been done to you by whom and how it will work. Only knowing how to put an image that co-opts it to the image you would choose will save you from mindicide. A mindfight? Good lord I'm too old for this. My hope is in the young. The 15 year-olds say "yes, you get it"! but they're so wrong. I can only hope. Sarah, I'm old and poor, done in by a lifetime of fighting against a strengthening enemy trying to enslave the weak. It is so cathartic to hear someone younger than myself championing the defense of the unwitting in the name of the unknowing to include the unwilling against the unfeeling for the benefit of the uncaring.

  • I wonder how many people want to put an "E" onto LGBTQX+ et cetera but they can't even masturbate because they can't really stick their elbow in their ear. Imagine the most mostest victim group suffering from such a conundrum. Oh, Blast!

  • I can no longer buy coconut oil from Amazon. They refused paypal so I got a paypal digital debit card good for any site even if they claim not to accept paypal. they caught on and refused all my instruments. If I don't buy the Amazon instrument I can get lost. So I did. I paid a little more for the same product on ebay. The buy-in for a small business on ebay is about as small as it gets, a great place to start a small business until it grows enough to stand alone. Congress taxed the internet because they hate us; how dare we do anything that empowers the individual? Glad to hear someone calling out this and other things like it.

  • Not sure why she doesn't identify the ADL as a Jewish group? Who owns the banks,? Jews. Cut to the chase, it's the Zionist/Khazarian Mafia/Jews.

  • Not only will they railroad you financially but via nutrient depleted food you will be forced to eat. Very limited choices in your monthly food allotment.

  • Sooner or later you will figure out you need to be prepared for total separation from the system. If I have to explain it, you're lost.

  • Welcome to the Corporate Wars. You're a corporation.

  • COMING NEXT is if you don't Obey they will refuse to give you a Driver's License ... It is coming very soon.

  • The IRS is an agency of the Federal Reserve a private bank.

  • We Can No Longer Stand Aside and Do Nothing To Stop The Tyranny

  • World banking. The rothchilds out of england.

    A stolen German name, and england isn't even a race.

    We have to stop financing teh parasites war agaisnt ourselves.

    1. STOP DOING BUSINESS WITH THEM. ...and that might be almost it.

    That includes no more host culture money in a parasites bank.

  • Hot nazi bitch

  • "As if plans to separate vaccinated and unvaccinated citizens in France didn’t already go far enough, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer has announced that children as young as 12, who have not been vaccinated, will be booted out of school if a classmate tests positive for Covid, while those who have been ‘jabbed’ will be allowed to stay." This growing 'vaccine apartheid' needs to be stopped and reversed. Kids are more likely to be hit by lightning and teachers are more likely to die in a road crash on the way to the school. This 'vaccine apartheid' is totally unnecessary. Where are the politicians speaking out against this growing 'vaccine apartheid'?

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