Crusader Gal's Social Stream 9/16/2021
Sep 17, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


This live show covered Newsom's unsurprising victory in the fallen western zone, the treasonous general who has been embraced by the left, the New York governor who is targeting Christians, and more.

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  • Why do you keep coming back? Unemployed?

  • The people that your calling liberal conservatives like ben shapiro are not conservatives at all. As an actual conservative, I can tell you that we do not listen to those people for any reason. Ben shapiro especially is ignored on all conservative media. He's nothing but a communist in sheeps clothing.

  • On the subject of Postal workers exemption. Look at the glass from a different view. Not positivity of Unions, not of their worry over chaotic delivery, but as part of a payoff. Think carefully about the election 2020. Democrats included USPS in their bill, just prior to the Nov. 3 vote, pumping billions into the USPS. Immediately after the process, came scores of thousands of people, regular citizens' complaints, and investigations and videos showing where postal workers were in one way or another, appearing to be complicit in ballot harvesting. Making ballots disappear, delivery of printed, non official boxes upon boxes of ballots. One such tractor trailer delivery worker appeared before hearings committee to state his truck, with scores, perhaps hundreds of thousands of actual mailed in ballots, disappeared from his secure parking facility at a location in a different state that he could identify was ordered by his superiors at USPS. I is my strong suspicion that those who are complicit in any of these crimes being alleged, from Congress, WH employees in general, USPS, are as part of the condition that they keep their mouths shut. Currently, we are now seeing the health care workforce exploding with whistle blowers. Highly educated nurses, administrators, people with 20. 30 years under their belt, are first hand seeing the results of vaccines and hospitalizations. Those who refuse the mandate even under penalty of loss of career, are in some of the highest groups refusing and now vocalizing why.

  • The way I see it Sarah is, until the us dollar is rendered worthless the fight continues. Only by not using the same currencies that the deep state uses are we controlled. When we stop buying the products of corrupt corporations we don't have control over our country. This could have happened in the 1970$ if we recognized the controlled government was in bed with big pharma. Farmers across America was about taking the land from American family's, splitting up the family and increased control. Now the job is ten fold what it was. In closing a new physical currency and restored family farms will quickly turn the tide in our favor. And all judgement brought to the people by the deep state will fall upon them as we are to witness God's Mercy of the faithful. Be kind to yourself and every living creature is what is in my heart. Amen

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