Crusader Gal's Social Stream 9/2/2021
Sep 03, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


This social live stream covered Ford's pandering to the gay lobby, a young man who is being forced to read leftist materials by a judge, Bill De Blasio's bribery of the criminal class, and more.

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  • God bless you Lady ..RESPECT..

  • I don't trust capitalist, I reject degenerate.

  • Really miss your short reports.

  • i would never wear a cross, that's not Christian that's jew shit like their satanic triangles.

  • COVID Certificate OF Vaccination ID, I was posting this on gab back in March of 2020 before they were talking about a vaccine.

  • We have lived under jew tyranny for more than several hundred years and its culminating in this situation we find ourselves at today~

  • faggots are sick Narcistic baby rapers, its like they were born without a soul, my nest oldest brother was one so I have first hand knowledge of it, I grew up with it and can say without a doubt from day one he was self absorbed idiot with no sense of logic or reason. It was all about him feeling special. When he came out to the family he called me to say he was a faggot and I said, "And", then he went off on me saying it was all my fault because I was mean to him and let my friend beat up on him and I called him queer and sissy. All his friends were sissys too. But he mainly played with girls dressing up like a little girl and always he little sister. He never wanted to grow up. He was in the army after I was and his buddies were also sissys. But on his death bed colon cancer, he told our little sister how he wished he was born a boy like I was and that's why he always hated me. He wanted to see me to give me a ring for his son. He was married twice fathering 2 children the got a vas which is very ironic.

  • I don't get through or put up with faggotry and lesbotism, I make a point of telling those sick fks they sick fks

  • I just read "Biography of Thomas Jefferson"and now I want to set off firecrackers in my driveway!

  • So... a prediction; "Introducing...

    The 2022 Lamborgayni Phallico

    ... because we suck like Ford" 🤣🤣🤣

  • David Knight on his show, I'm paraphrasing here, a employer that will terminate you for not getting the shot, is an employer that will terminate you for another reason also.

    What happens after the shot, are you then un-fireable?

  • Making that guy read communist material is no different than every county jail inmate being handed bibles. But that's within the jail, Not on the outside. What that guy reads in his home is nobodies business, And that judge should be fired.

  • Did the Crusaders die so you could show too much of your skin in videos (and probably publicly elsewhere)? Or have some female in immodest armor as your video avatar? You would be a strumpet in the eyes of the Good Crusaders, a mere self-seeking temptress.

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