Crusader Gal's Social Stream 9/23/2021
Sep 24, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


This live stream covered the hilarious instances of the left eating its own (from the ACLU to Black Lives Matter), the university that requires its students to deny basic truth, the fight against tyranny in Australia, and more.

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  • i'm a sucker for a pretty face

  • To you Jabbed incubators, Don't Spread Your Shat On Me..

  • Thank you I enjoy so much to hear and watch you ))

  • RBG was Jewish.

  • Please quit going away for so long.

    I miss your streams.

  • Compare Tucker Carson's header page. for this same day: A small portrait and a larger folio with a bold title and a paragraph of description, short list of content, from which you can tell: Stay and watch , Bookmark or Move on.

  • If you are taking something apart, you should explain what it is you are going to be doing and why, before you begin. Keep your voice down (Yours wasn't too bad, not good but all the others were awful, nobody I know will have stayed long enough to teach them.) It is hard work watching these gabs because I expect a professional touch from these untrained presenters. This is about the best of the ones I stopped watching. There is only so much propaganda I can take first thing in the morning.

    So far as I can make out all these gabs are half cocked, one feels like one is coming into the end of a presentation, most of which are just shoutie shouties. No offence to you (I couldn't be bothered to tell the first four or five I glanced at, that their video was unwatchable) you are the lucky child who bought it in the face, on their behalf. Here is a free makeover.

    Title: Ruth Bader Ginsberg gets a makeover.

    Bear in mind the only time I ever heard from her, she was an half dead cripple bent over dribbling onto the floor, not only uninteligibel but quite repulsive.

    Intro: For those of you with no appreciation of the late Supreme Court Judge, she was influential in the laws about....whatever.

    Read the article All the way through like a good girl. Clear, practiced and word perfect.

    Appraisal: Go over the article again and point out the changes, stopping at the first re-edit to compare the original and proclaim the reasons for the edit, then go on with the rest of it, once you can be sure that we all get the point.

    Conclusion: Tell us the point concisely and let us work out for ourselves why the dead needed to be unboxed. Ask for comment IF you care. HTH. Mike. Aftermath: Don't take us for granted even the most radical of us gets misgivings. All politics is an house of cards, not just the losers I never watched. People will not watch the unwatchable no matter who thinks it is worthy of their recommendations. Andrew Torba has not watched half the stuff on here, you don't know who has. I have the idea I do: Some pickled half wit desperate for copy and I doubt he or she was as discerning. There is only so much you can do with hours of video all day long. People take short cuts if they can. Plus, it is a free platform.

  • I'm tired of government: Governments are perverted today. What manner of life supports a failing system? Should the sunrise care or the trees weep, because the failing pump of a Nation finally gives out? When the seed falls and the plant withers life is renewed.

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