Crusader Gal's Social Stream 9/9/2021
Sep 10, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


This live show covered how major corporations are covering up an official's use of the term "New World Order", the health service that published a "Dear White People" letter, Biden's attempt to vaccinate every working adult, and more.

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  • Spot on Sarah!

  • Interesting stuff.

  • The private sector mandate was specifically: Companies who have 100 or more employees are mandated to give paid time off to their employees so that they may go get vaccinated.

    The mandate was for PTO, still not even a vaccine mandate. It was a joke.

  • Hey Sarah, whilst we keep discussing, denouncing, pointing the finger, etc. their plans continue at high speed. This is what we're facing! History repeats itself, except that the governing elites have gone full nazi and global and plan and want to exterminate almost everyone apart from their select Schutzstaffel, the global governing elite (and enslave the rest); and there're no allies coming to the rescue this time. They've planned this for decades (the Fourth Reich). Their take over in all areas (finance, government, health, media, judiciary, 'science', technology, environment, policing, etc.) is complete, comprehensive, overwhelming. What are we going to do? Resist? Disobey? Escape? Where? The storm is coming...

  • Life is dangerous. The trouble with these lunatics is that they believe that they can eradicate danger from our lives, Hell even death in the case of Australia if we will just do as they tell us. Being free is the most dangerous of all but would you want it any other way? They want complete control over our lives and they are using psychological methods to achieve it. I don't believe there was ever a virus other than just another strain of the ever evolving influenza we see every flu season. This whole thing was war gamed and planned down to the letter by the multitudes of Globally funded NGO's and think tanks. It's just another part of the climate change agenda which is being used to take away our freedom under the guise of saving the planet. Their arguments have never been convincing and the majority of the public know it's a scam and the rest don't care. They have changed tac that's all. This is a global experiment and it was going far better than they could ever have imagined but now it's hit a wall and they are becoming more desperate by the day. We are now at a point where we are being threatened by our own governments to take an experimental jab against our will or be ostracised from society. To be denied our rights if we refuse. This will not end well for these politicians who are at the forefront of this criminal operation, they are the face of tyranny for the average person. The real culprits who are giving their puppets the orders will of course remain in the shadows. Fiat money has reached it's limit just as it's done many times before and another reset is required, this time they are all in and if we allow them to win we will all be slaves and our children will hate us.

  • Pretty enough to be an Actress.

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