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Cuomo Could Not Let Trump Win
Feb 18, 2021

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Andrew Cuomo's secretary recently admitted that a criminal cover-up took place, wherein Cuomo's office purposefully provided false data surrounding nursing home deaths in order to sabotage criminal investigation by the Department of Justice.

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  • Shared ; Great video calling out the atrocities !

  • It's another reminder that fake data, fake numbers, fake information is the way they play the game for power. Meanwhile, Cuomo gets an Emmy, another example of how the swamp pats itself on the back for furthering their agenda together.

  • Excellent video about the narcissistic Cuomo! Truth spoken here. As President Trump continued to put forth strong policies for America, the Democrat Party in an effort to avoid giving him any wins, blocked his every move. This ultimately harmed citizens and businesses all across the country. Cuomo is but a small cog in the corrupt Democrat machine. So many ‘wins’ were purposely snatched from President Trump and the nation. The Democrat Party’s treachery will continue to be revealed as the Biden/Harris presidency forces its failed policies onto the American people.

  • I completely agree that the worst aspect of Trump's "defeat" was that so many criminals will go unpunished. If he could have cleaned out the swamp, many of our other problems would have been solved as a result. I suspect that he had an eight-year plan which was confounded by an unexpected stolen election. Cuomo is one of many who should be in prison.

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