Democrats Put Migrants Above Law
Feb 09, 2021

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In a story that has been unreported for a year, a Somali refugee used an iron bar to brutally beat a woman in St. Louis, Missouri. Prosecutors refused to pursue the case, because the refugee's I.Q. was too low. In other words, for reasons... It's time that we revisited our immigration and refugee policies.

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  • Immigration has quality vs quantity Fewer the better..

  • Arm yourselves Americans. It's your constitutional right. And your only defense.

  • Low I.Q. and violent sociopath means he should be institutionalized as obviously he will repeat this pattern. So now the U.S taxpayers can pay for some sick individual who should have stayed where they came from. The new political tool is, create a refugee "crisis", then use it as an excuse to flood white Christian nations with primarily military aged males. Happening in Europe and now in the U.S. where presidiment Bidet has already begun the process of opening the floodgates into the U.S.A. Most of these people in the invasion caravan videos are young men.

  • These "refugees" by and large, are willing political pawns.

  • A crime is a crime and must be addressed. IQ doesn't factor in unless the perp is mentally impaired and this isn't the case here. This D.A. is giving rise to vigilantism. Unfortunately if someone took it upon themselves to exact justice, it would make this assh*le a victim and be sensationalized in the MSM and I'd hate to see that. Foreigners must be held to the same laws and standards the rest of us are.

  • Here's what the third world pile of shit lawyer looks like.

  • The young lad who did this was fully aware of what he was doing when he decided to harm her the argument that is IQ is to low for him to be charged and put on trail is silly at best He armed himself he planned the attack and knows fully well what he was intending to do so theys no reason at all to put him on trail if this was the UK he would be looking at GBH at a minimal

  • Good to see you again Sarah! Sharing to Telegram as well. Happy New year!

  • It won't be long before he runs into the wrong person with an attitude like that and things won't go very well for him . Somali's don't even get along with each other so why would they fit in here ?

  • Somalis brag about their IQ. There is a massive Somali Supremacist movement out there. Not even kidding.

  • It took me 5 minutes of trying different browsers and opening the video different ways to get past all the errors and this page does not exist screens and get the video to start playing (after seeing your Youtube notice). Now it's frozen at 2:11 with no hope in sight. Weird.

  • Of course this all assumes that common sense still holds any sway in America. The bottom line though, is that people who behave like rabid animals should be put down like rabid animals.

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