Denise McAllister Depersoned By Conservative Inc
Feb 25, 2021

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Cancel culture is widely condemned by conservatives, but some of the biggest names in the conservative movement collaborated together to disappear Denise McAllister after she criticized homosexuals - the 'protected group' of the conservative establishment. The supposed 'leaders' of the conservative movement don't actually care about conservative values in the least. McAllister blows the whistle on the fact that people like Ben Shapiro (Daily Wire), Ben Dominich (The Federalist), and even Fox News aren't what we think they are.

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  • Is Denise on GaB? She should be gathering her followers, directing them here, before she is arbitrarily suspended.

  • There is freedom of speech. Then there is real freedom of speech. The minders usually include corporatist / governmental agencies. For example, the unrelenting inculcation movies about kids/adults dying from cancer sponsored by the PharmaPoison Cartel and backed up by FDA, CDC types around the world, when researchers know the more than dozen of remedies for it. Just like HCQ, Ivermectin, Budesonide, Quercetin, Zinc, D3, C for CCP-19. Shapiro is a CINO. He mocked Jesus Christ stating that it's a good thing that he was murdered. Well, well.

  • I find it revealing that Shapiro was concerned about 'his brand' rather than the actual facts of the matter. Reminds me a bit of, "We choose truth over facts!"

  • Well said, ladies...That is why I love a conservative woman.

  • Learned cancel culture in the church at least in my knowledge and experience. So yep everyone does it and now the snake coming around and bites.

  • To me she was cancelled because she was a Christian. While the world, be it left, and even the right clearly, have accepted homosexuality as a legitimately moral lifestyle that shouldn't be criticized. We see now with transgenderism. The left has accepted it 100%. It won't be long until the right accepts it as well leaving Christians and anyone else with objective standards being shunned.

  • lol, That's a good response to that idiot. They want the fight, they better handle it when it spits back at them, or else doesn't start something you can't handle. Ben? lol too smart for his good. He is just trying to get brownie points. Never take him seriously.

  • The Federalist management / owners - disingenuous, cowardly gas lighters? (Maybe they can a show on NPR!) :-) Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

  • Megan is just another traitor like her dad was

  • This was a good conversation, interesting points were brought to light. It is true,, cancel culture is tyranny ,,, it was created to eradicate the long created social institutions. I do believe Jews aren’t conservatives but conveniently choose their positions depending on the circumstances

  • Has the Federalist hired you back, Ms. McAllister? I am a subscriber and am considering unsubscribing based on their treatment of you. I believe gays should be allowed to marry. I believe women make terrific leaders. Etc. But I am a serious political Conservative and disgusted by your cancellation. Freaking terrific interview, ladies. I don't share your further-right-than-mine religious views (though I am Christian) but I completely agree with your conservative political views. Bravo! Peace, Liberty, and Justice for All

  • Shapiro apparently deserves his rep as a phony.

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