Eco Terrorists Freeze Aspen, Colorado
Jan 17, 2021

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Leftist nut jobs attempted to freeze Aspen, Colorado, in an attempt to make an environmental statement. The media covered up the event in the usual fashion, as they continued onward with the backwards narrative that leftists can never be terrorists.

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  • I work in Aspen. They shut the town down to tourists. Gave local residents space heaters. Took em several days to get it all fixed.

  • Earth First has been doing eco-terrorism for decades. Look up the stories. They’ve driven steel rods into the ground against trees so that when loggers tried to clear cut the forests the saws’ blades would fly off the tracks and injure workers. Earth First is an American enemy. Make no mistake.

  • Fully agree regards independent reporters and networks on all platforms they do indeed need support but also to team up work together and stream together here in the UK for example england has a press pass for reporters which people such as subject access use it's all legal but the MSM police and our UK government do not like it and just now they is a big court case going off msm and they organizations want a ban on it plus police now are trying the old chestnut people using fake press pass to get into government buildings so a stitch up in the works being planned gab no doubt are helping but this needs other independent platforms to step up as well plus the pubic to jump on as well teamwork everyone put the effect in it will swing our way I prefer independent reporters etc they give us the facts prove links and are honest unlike much of the MSM😆

  • Did the people in that town contact media reporters?

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