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Eliminating Decent Cops
May 02, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


William Kelly, a former police Lieutenant of the Norfolk police department in Virginia was fired for supporting the basic right of self defense and the Second Amendment, after the officer was discovered to have supported Kyle Rittenhouse's legal defense. The city's Police Chief and City Manager conspired together to politically terminate him for his conservative ideals. We live in an age when police officers of conscience are at great risk of being purged from the ranks by godless Marxists, where what is evil is called good, and what is good is called evil.

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  • I've always thought, "innocent till proven guilty" was a misnomer. If that were true, suspects wouldn't be jailed.

  • Larry Boone is a baboon

  • let the libtard killing begin

  • Good cop bad cop they are all flawed yet they have power to arrest us if they see fit. Too much unbridled power corrupts absolutely leaving us No voice.

  • Dumb comes from every shape, color, and size, and like in the Medical Community who are aiding in Genocide will be the frontline in communities around our country and the world and have become useful idiots so as the shock and awe wheres off and reality sets in I see very bad things for those who took a few bucks to betray all of Humanity and their eternal souls condemned forever

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