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Gay Mafia Strikes German Pastor
Feb 19, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


A Christian preacher in Germany, Olaf Latzel, has been fined in a sham trial that literally took place in a theater instead of a court. His "crime" was preaching Biblical truths about homosexuality. Religious persecution against Christians is spreading, and it will continue until Christians find courage.

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  • I wonder if they will persecute Muslims the same way for their views on homosexuality.

  • Thanks as always for bringing us news about increasing Christian persecution around the globe. We all need to remember how increasing religious persecution affected the Jews in NaziGermany for decades, as most Jews blindly accepted it all, before they were finally all packed up into boxcars and shipped like cattle to their excruciatingly painful deaths in gas chambers. WakeUpPatriots and resist while you still can!

  • Great video!

  • I feel a little torn here. I want you to have the right to say what you say. even when you are being a hypocritical bigot, as you are in this video. Yet I feel deeply disgusted by your attitude.

  • Fear the LORD, not man. Proclaim the Gospel, speak the truth and pray to the Lord they come to repentance and faith in Christ Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  • So what do we do about this? I hear the same and same complaint every time, but where's the direction we should take? Never employ anybody who's openly gay/liberal? Continue to say the truth, regardless of persecutions? Is there any way to stop this?

  • Thanks for speaking the Truth , we are to acknowledge that homosexuality is a sin and we as Christians should always try to lead those to Christ .

  • I just discovered your work and I have to say its a very good job

  • I consider myself an "atheist" but agree that people should be able to think and say just about whatever they want. It's nice living in the US where we have a lot more liberties than other countries. Just wished more people would believe in actual freedom.

  • So now its happening in Germany we have had witch hunts here in the UK against pastors in the street for preaching Canada itself are arresting pasters and jailed one dispite no laws broken for having services to help people well being state of mind way and Australia have had cases as well its indeed an attack on us all

  • 👍

  • Unfortunately, this will only get worse. God says it will. The genie (or perhaps a man dressed like one) is out of the bottle - and no one will be allowed to sit on the sidelines. As the darkness closes in, I will have the advantage of fearing God more than sodomites.

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