Harvard Medicine's Anti-White Apartheid
Apr 13, 2021

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The morally-deficient leftists of higher education are seeking to bring South African style apartheid to the United States. At Harvard Medical school, a scheme is being launched to implement a genocidal policy of delaying critical medical therapies to white patients, while forcing those languishing patients to pay for the treatments of patients who are artificially sent to the front of the line via brown privilege. The proponents of these disgraceful policies state that this will obtain "racial justice". As to be expected, Harvard Medical School apparently approves of this genocidal and racist policy recommendation, which is already being implemented at one of its medical facilities.

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  • Justice matters. All races who have ever fought to the death to free another race from slavery gets medicine first. Those who have never, ever done such a thing can go last. Sorry, I flunked critical race theory.

  • Neoracists

  • Affirmative Prestige.

  • Once again, the asylum escapees are making policy. It just gets worse every day but as increasingly depressing it gets every day, history shows that eventually the pendulum will swing. Pray it will be sooner rather than later because if it doesn't swing soon, we are doomed as a civilization.

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