It's Time to Bug Out
Jan 21, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


The good guys are on the run on the Internet. This video tells you where to go. You'll find friends waiting on the other side. Let the exodus begin. Let my people go!

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  • You have a YT channel? I got kicked off YT with a snotty "we warned you people..." for dropping links to a doctor's YT channel discussing ivermectin. I'm not a creator I just posted a comment. If I was on YT right now I'd be cancelled just for recommending your own channel to yourself. There're people in this world who have serious problems in their clockwork.

  • New subscriber here Sarah. Exceptionally good content. Period. Don't stop doing what you are doing.

  • Paul Joseph Watson can go fuck himself. He is an asshole and literally for supporting him for 15 years and buying products from him, it took him 2 seconds to determine he didn’t care if I said something. Fuck him

  • Dlive does steal the money banned creators made and if you think about it so does youtube

  • To any young person you know that hates "hate speech" explain to them that it is exactly the speech they disagree with that is protected by the First Amendment. They may not know who Archie Bunker is - but it is exactly the Archies of the world who are ignorant bigots that our Constitution protects the most. If you know a bigot you can avoid them, try to educate them but you cannot take their job or close their bank accounts. Period.

  • Great Sarah as usual. People with gmail need to leave that platform immediately. A few years back, Google went dark side and got rid of their Do No Evil Corporate Motto. About this time, they came public with their gmail monitoring program which should have put people in jail for invasion of privacy. Their servers opened up every email for people with gmail domains (yes, free ALWAYS comes with a big price) that went across their Gmail servers and scanned for Google User Profile characteristics to sell to Corp America. Of course, this story has been Cancelled, scrubbed and very difficult to find now on the Internet. But trust me, it happened and they admitted to the invasion. I have never had a gmail account because I have not trusted them for over 10 years.

  • Who else do you recommend us to follow over here?

  • Biden Admin = Obama 3.0 All this GASLIGHTING against MAGA supporteres is just an exstension against patriotic Americans as was done during Obama's 8 years of tyranny. And against the Tea P{arty...same Modius Operandi.

  • Great assessment

  • There can be no free speech without Net Neutrality. Communication is layered. Youtube or Gab are just the application layers. The data must still travel over Internet provider's lines. Time Warner, ATT, Verizon, Google, and others. Net Neutrality was the concept that telecommunication providers could not throttle nor change traffic based on its content or origin, as long as it is for a paying subscriber from predefined subscriber classes, which are available to anyone who will pay for it. Thanks to Ajit Pai's leadership at the FCC. That is gone now. The carriers may decide who they are to carry and how fast, and if they want to change the DNS translations to substitutes. They could easily kill Gab in an area or everywhere just by making it slow, quirky, unreliable, or simply sending requests to another site. Substitutes are the big goal. They want to have a virtual Internet where you tell them what you want (Internet search, news, watch a video, etc.. ..) then they send you to the site that delivers the requested content type. Hence on a Verizon phone they have a contract with Netflix, so you are sent there for videos, and Time Warner has a contract with Google so you are sent to Google Play, etc. The most recent Chrome version is already hiding all of the link extension information in the navigation bar. Already the AI is proposing the content. It appears that the multinationals are trying to settle on one set of rules that works everywhere, including in Communist China, and can handle vertical integration and contractualization stemming all the way from policy, to content, to what you see in the browser. The regulatory desires of the US and China have a lot in common, as the people who run Gab now know very well.

  • Just wanted to thank you for all your doing.

  • Delete Your Facebook App. Quit Using Facebook. That's the first step to your freedom.

  • When somebody on the Political Left labels something as Hate Speech, they are almost surely telling you their feelings about the speech, which means that they are the source of the hate. If the speech that the Politically Left person hates is what a Conservative is saying, I bet the person speaking loves their speech, and they are saying something for the purpose of helping everyone. The proper label for such speech is Love Speech.

    The most hateful thing a person can do is violate somebody else's Rights. The most hate filled speech of all, is when somebody demands that another person's Right to Free Speech be violated because they HATE the other person's political position.

  • Top Flight Individual Right Here!!!! - CosmicGuy OSTO TV on ROKU TV has a place for you Ms. Corriher anytime you wish it. - We're new but growing fast with the brutal truth of this 21st century - long live DJT and his inauguration on March 4, 2021 as our 19th President of The Republic of The United States of America. yAymen

  • Excellent Big Tech alternative suggestions! Also, great info on email, search engines!

  • Any PayPal alternatives that are secure and don't tread on freedom of speech?

  • YouTube leads you to authoritarian sources, not authoritative. - BitChute is for when you are looking for a one-sided pro Nazi argument. Gab, Minds, Rumble, Odysee, are all infinitely better than creepy Nazi BitChute. I caught YouTube shadow censoring me years ago. I saw my comment, then I looked for it from another computer and it wasn't there. Went back to my computer, and there it was. So other people could not see it. I think they can do things like give a comment visibility to others 1% of the time. - Protonmail probably gets sufficient donations from engineers & IT people. Engineers & IT people love Protonmail because it encrypts emails, and they love encryption. And they have money.

  • I'm really liking you and your content. Keep it up! You're voice is very easy to listen to.

  • You are awesome. I'm sharing your channel to everyone I know.

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