Kyle Rittenhouse Is a Hero
Jun 14, 2021

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This video resulted in a strike at YouTube, followed by "demonetization" of the whole channel about 10 minutes thereafter. It's likely that the strike was vindictive. We just responded to a YouTube survey, in which I was asked to rate the fairness and overall decency of YouTube. I gave honest answers, so this might be payback. I guess they were expecting ass-kissing like they get from people such as Crowder. The responses were polite, by the way, but also quite honest.

Video Summary: Seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse attempted to do what the police were unwilling to do: defend lives and property. As a result, hordes of domestic terrorists in Kenosha, Wisconsin tried to kill him. Then Rittenhouse was falsely charged for defending himself from a relentless attack by a crowd. The true criminals remain free (the ones who burnt the town down), while the mainstream media vilifies Rittenhouse for his valor. Please support his legal defense if you can and definitely spread this story. Note that Facebook has been reported to be actively suppressing all support for Kyle, but supporting the people who tried to murder him is acceptable, as is the case with GoFundMe.

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  • Propagandists are fools. Kyle is more of a man than all male demonicrats combined.

  • Trump won bigly and Kyle Rittenhouse is America's son. God Bless them both.

  • That pisses me off that go fund me has banned legit fund raising yet allows funding future crimes.

  • Self defense is not violence. Violence means you have violated someone else. Violence has to do with aggression.

  • I've never seen a situation that the cops couldn't make worse.

  • yeah but when a muslim rapes your daughter because she didn't convert that was her fault as well, you're in a social war and the oligarchy is winning

  • Lyn Wood got the boot on this case a long time ago, for good reasons. DON'T send $$ for Kyle there. Find Robert Barnes alone or via Viva Frei and Barnes'll have a legitimate link. This wrong info gives me pause on the veracity of this site, despite otherwise great opinions.

  • Very good, Sarah, for the high-quality analysis of the problems we're facing in the US today.

  • Thank you so much for honesty, integrity and great journalism. I was watching about 1/3 of your video and ‘Poof’ the video stopped, abruptly, and I have tried multiple times to play without any success. Are you on Bitchute? I always have problems on Gab.🤨

  • Well covered and stated. Btw, you have excellent taste in aircraft—Navy Corsairs I and II. Nothing more thrilling than the sound of a Corsair.

  • Very well done video very well spoken and to the point young lady! That young man should never have been arrest! Sick of the BS by thugs.

  • Is there a link to the LEGITIMATE site, assuming there is one, to contribute to the KR defense fund? Typical government strategy is to try to bankrupt the 'defendant' and their families to get submission. I imagine there are already fake sites out there to throw off people who want to support this effort. Any helpful info appreciated. I already support everything 2A, so no rhetoric please. :)

  • I thought Lin Wood was NOT his attorney any longer? Is this an old video?

  • The 3 people he shot were all jewish who were out rioting with the blacks. Why am i not shocked.

  • a few seconds ago

    He has a right to bear arms, he doesn't need permission from any communist Juice spies who infiltrated our government in an act of ear.

  • loved this clip, you got everything right. Wish you would change the items you use to denote your chosen title though. The crusaders of old were nothing more than brown shirts for the catholic church. I was raised a catholic so I understand how the church has revered them to every youngster in the church. But these men in the guise of doing good, Murdered many during the crusades. I would rather you just called yourself a crusader without the visuals or any intimation that you are part of that.

  • Kyle did the right thing. God damn the banksters and their useful idiots amen

  • The felon gaige grosskreutz just can't stay out of trouble, that boy likes to drive around drunk. Then being scared for his life has the judge seal his address. Maybe his cuck dad and twat mom were tired of their house being protested. You can find it on

  • Bolshevik traitor Jews..

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