Kyle Rittenhouse Is Being Set Up
Feb 07, 2021

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A story being aggressively promoted by the leftist media claims that Kyle Rittenhouse violated his bail conditions. Our 'professional' media has gone from seething to almost celebratory; hoping for Kyle's rapid return to jail. Their entire story is fantasy. Meanwhile, the D.A. and some members of the legal system in Kenosha, Wisconsin are conspiring against Kyle in a political persecution, and are using a very willing media as a weapon.

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  • The corrupt prosecutor had charges before any investigations were even done, 2 millions dollars bail and the actual criminals involved in burning the city to the ground were all let go without so much as a sideways glance from the Kenosha DA. This is a political lynching and I hope Kyle comes out on top, he is a hero.

  • Is kyle an actor? No video of him on Gab as of yet.

  • love your channel cannot thumbs up tho

  • When the legal systems fails... civil war time

  • For those of you having technical problems at Gab, you can watch her videos at too. It's still better quality than YouTube, and she is able to post everything there as well. Gab is like the great hope, but Odysee has a vast head start in the video category.

  • hi Sarah, I still can’t watch your videos on Gab, as I mentioned Friday in telegram. Today after probably 10 attempts to start this video it finally started playing but then ‘permanently paused at 00:17 and wouldn’t restart. I’ll send you another screenshot. This is on iPad Pro ver. 14.3

  • Can anybody edit comments made here?

  • They want the bad guys to know where Kyle is at.

  • With the departure of John Pierce and the addition of Robert Barnes to Kyle's legal representation, I have much higher hopes for his acquittal.

  • Fortunately for Kyle, both his actions and the details of his case are well documented. Imagine how easily he'd be railroaded into prison if there were no videos or paper trails.

  • If Kyle is "convicted" for this clear case of self defense then how can any of us gun owners ever trust the legal system again?

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