Media Seeks "Unity" After Islamic Slayings
Oct 18, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


David Amass is the latest Brit to be murdered by an Islamic terrorist, and as if rehearsed, media outlets rushed to defend the ideology of his attacker as being peaceful. Strangely, this posturing does not occur when other ideologies lead to violence.

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  • These media maniacs don't grasp the consequences of what they seek: our unity with a philosophy that wants them dead. Do they REALLY want us to unify in the pursuit of murder? Not if they can think longer than the next news cycle. But it seems that thinking isn't the media's strong suit. lol

  • Another open border GLOBOHOMOHOLLOWHOAX Christcuck got EXACTLY what he deserved. Suffer the Jew to enter your country then will until the infestation is purged.

  • Jews want muslims in white countries to kill white people. When Jews say Unity they mean white people accepting the knife at their throat.

  • BRAVO! More articulate, concise, logic from the Crusader Gal. I'm glad you have your own outlets for your videos. And if they cancel you there's always Gab. If Gab is ever muzzled we're doomed.

  • To the police, it was not just another crime scene, it was just another statistic far removed from humanity.


  • Evil & good work by the spirit.

  • Kid you need more sleep. David was a chump that welcomed in the 'new Britain' by his spineless weak deracinated voting patterns in Parliament. He helped set the table for current year. He got his just deserts.

  • Thanks for sharing.

  • More excuses for ISLAMIC TERRORISM while they falsely accuse Americans (the 1/6 farce) of Domestic Terrorism (and ignore #BlackLyingMarxist Riots, Looting, Arson), etc....

    YES, and it is purposeful, willful, and with malice of fore-thought, THE FASCICRATS DIVIDE AND CONQUER STRATEGY...

    Seriously, how can anyone Vote for FASCICRATS?!?!? You MORON SUPPOSED "INDEPENDENTS" have to stop your FAKE/FALSE moral superiority of pretending you are somehow BETTER than everyone else by REFUSING TO TAKE A SIDE and considering a Vote for ANY DUMBocrat!!! OPEN YOUR EYES, you know damn well that CNN and MSNBC-iles and others are peddling SPIN AND PROPAGANDA - it has been exposed over and over and over and over again. You CHOOSE to remain STUPID at this point if you keep falling for it...

    I happened to ask my Sister (Mon 10/18/21) if she’s seen these STRAWMAN ("Neighbors Against HATE") SIGNS on #FASCICRATS' lawns?

    Not only has she seen them, she saw a write-up in some local Paper about it. She is going to try and find a copy of where she saw it (upon my request) to give to me – cuz I WANT TO RESPOND with the following Letter to the Editor of whatever RAG published it…

    I bet when you ran your attempt to be cute and clever story on these "Neighbors Against HATE" signs there couldn't possibly be any push-back, well you were wrong...

    1. how about... "LOVE" thru actual deeds NOT Virtue-Signaling Fake-Woke empty-rhetoric (literal STRAWMAN) Psychological-Projection slogans?

    My response (Hand made "LOVE" sign) saying: Real LOVE by deeds vs FAKE ANTI-HATE (STRAWMAN) VIRTUE SIGNALING! When was the last time YOU gave a Hundry Stranger a Meal? When have YOU helped Veterans, in need? When have YOU given to Homeless Shelters (plural) Charity? When did YOU last give TO ANY CHARITY AT ALL?!?!?

    1. but what I suppose this really is about?

    I am a Christian, and me and every Christian I know HAS NO HATE IN THEIR HEARTS toward anyone, not overtly or covertly - PERIOD!

    Is this yet another CRY #RACISM ploy? (Who founded the KKK? Who were the Confederate States run by? Who passed those "Jim Crow" HATE Laws? Sadly History is NOT TAUGHT, only SPIN now-a-days! Need we mention the Smollette and countless other HOAXES? Who is peddling SEGRAGATION YET AGAIN (Black only Dorms, Graduations, etc) ... more/expounded-upon in:

    • or is this about * another LGBTQPxyz DODGE (even excusing Pedophilies, sexualization of Children, peddling Porn in Grade Schools, and even ignoring STATUTORY RAPE Laws)!

    Either way - Why? They cannot have a real discussion, SO CALL YOUR NEIGHBORS HATERS (propaganda, DEFLECTION, with STRAWMAN projections))!

    Words vs Deeds, and What "Religion" (and let me be clear it is NOT the entire Religion or Peoples of that "Faith," but some EXTREMISTS within, but none-the-less who) is STILL STONING THOSE IN LGBTQ PEOPLE TO DEATH? OR THROWING THEM FROM BUILDINGS?!?! Where the real HATE is, they don't bother to speak of/about. Just ask Dr. Zuhdi Jasser! If it has to implicity spelled out for you which, whom, where, then you are clearly CLUELESS to the real world living under one of those Rocks they would pelt you with.

    Or ask Dave Chappelle about WHERE REAL HATE resides? His THE CLOSER special spends 15m on Daphne, Trans, HIS FRIEND, who committed Suicide likely due to LGBTQ ON LGBTQ HATE (and teaches EMPATHY). But they continue the HE IS TRANSPHOBIC cries and trying to get that Netflix Special pulled from the air.

    As Paul Harvey used to say: NOW YOU HAVE THE REST OF THE STORY!

    (find included/attached image of the Sign I made from scratch, not some pre-fabricated, pre-purchased, propaganda, strawman, virtue-signaling, signs)

    ... more/expounded-upon in:

  • As I said on Youtube, (then watched their Stasi remove the post), I'm not buying it, the modus operandi is all wrong. These violent immigrants have a different modus operandi altogether, they look for the largest group of 'Whitey' they can find and either go on a stabbing rampage, or plough through us with a vehicle.

    This is a planned and targeted attack and it's my belief that this MP has been singled out for a reprisal attack for the 'Covid-19' scamdemic and the injecting of our children with the deadly 'mRNA' poisons.

    Our bought-and-paid-for government doesn't want this idea spreading across the country and have used the usual cover-up scenario of 'terrorist attack' in order to achieve this.

  • The freemasons in Th UK are as blank minded as they are in the US. have unity. a NWO? No no no. All they are going to get is WW3. Im looking at the atomic clock. It doesn't look good for them. We are seconds away from the double cross. Freemasons love their Double cross. RRR

  • Why do British cops identify so much with islamic terrorists? Really makes one wonder!

  • They refuse to call Islamic ideology what it is EVIL! They flip it on the christians or the white race as usual! Call it an act of terrorism because that is hat it is and you don’t hear of any white people murdering people in the name of God!

  • Try to do your livestream earlier,, The people on the east is late

  • May he rest on peace. Hail Mary full of grace.....

  • Tried to compliment a few minutes ago but I must have missed a hoop. Excellent and appreciated reporting that I always enjoy.

  • Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, vengeance is mine saith the Lord.

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