Merriam-Webster Lists "Fourth Trimester"
Nov 15, 2021

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Our warped culture is progressing in the direction of the denial of man's intrinsic worth. When the Merriam-Webster dictionary added the term "fourth trimester" to describe newborns, it took another step toward the devaluation of man.

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  • The Jews never know when to back off. Now they are pushing the pedal to the metal.

  • Because they can abort upon or AFTER birth!

  • I have a dictionaries from the 30's never getting rid of them.

    There used to be a similar concept in older "civilizations" that babies were not given names until they were a certain age since they were considered to not posses a soul until then. Its been thought this was a way to make infant deaths more tolerable.

    If you actually took this logic, and removed all emotion. you could justify killing children well into early puberty, since "technically" they cannot take care of themselves, and rely on their parents for sustenance/shelter/etc. They are laying the ground work to be able to kill people with impunity..... Yay

  • im getting a new dictionary fk webster never again!!

  • Another great video, I hadn't heard about this. It's so transparently obvious why they would broaden this terminology and it's diabolical.

  • Agreed, we are going in the opposite direction of valuing human life.

  • The word Tri indicates 3.....The fourth-third time period? Doublethink newspeak bullshit to rot the brain.

  • You're absolutely right. The world gov. & false authorities have been raping, murdering and misleading society for years. Of course, they don't want us to know the truth about human life, proper definitions or even world history.

  • So is there a non woke alternative to Merriam-Webster.

  • and that 'press release' was not from Merriam-Webster, but from a site that was shamelessly plugging Harvey Karp's book from 2002 more than anything.

    it pays to look into things before making videos about them ;)

  • the definition in the dictionary is actually not akin to what folks are bitching about. yet we find often that nobody that is bitching about this is actually going to read the definition in the dictionary itself.

    Definition of fourth trimester

    : the three month period immediately following giving birth in which the mother typically recovers from childbirth and adjusts to caring for her infant.

    The "fourth trimester" is a catchphrase used to describe the postpartum period, defined as the first 12 weeks after delivery. — Meera Varma Simões

    Women and their families experience substantial physiological, social, and emotional changes. … Most women would benefit from much closer follow-up during the fourth trimester. — Ilona T. Goldfarb

    especially : the first three months of an infant's life The concept of the fourth trimester—the three-month period of adjustment for babies to life outside of the womb—was introduced in the late 1970s and then popularized by pediatrician Harvey Karp … in 2002. — Maggie Overfelt

    that last bit, note how it says 'babies' and then it says 'life'.

  • Life or after life the body becomes a tool

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