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Mostly Peaceful LBGTQ Bomber
Jan 31, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


A Christian church was bombed in Le Monte, California, and almost nobody has heard about it. The few media sources that covered the attack attempted to paint the church as the villain, for not being friendly to gays. The criminal justice system likewise has seemingly turned a blind eye. This is the "new normal".

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  • Here is a new documentary that Pastor Mejia was featured in:

  • Well ok now

  • I just found you I absolutely LOVE your accent...

  • The irony is, that church and pastor are mostly hispanic. Ooops. Guess the LGTBQQIAA2+etc outweigh "brown" or "undocumented" eh?

  • To the SPLC's (very limited) credit, they do list some actual hate groups as hate groups. (The Nation of Islam racists and their disgusting leader, Louis Farrakhan, for example)

  • Who is Soyvaqueroazul? What is his address? We need to use their tactics against them. They won't stop because we made or watched a video.

  • Sarah, you're doing it right, imo. I think I need a new coffee cup :)

  • Your comments are awesome and the world would be a much better place if more people had this type of understanding but no one is perfect.

  • The punishments of the old testament were never changed unless there is a replacement. Part of the Ten Commandments Punished anybody to changed the punishment except God Almighty. The old testament was incredibly forgiving too and the punishments were after having plenty of time to repent and be forgiven when possible and were for the worst of criminals and who would not change. Someone was not allowed to murder a bunch of people And then say they repented And then murder a bunch more people and Claim to have repented And then murder a bunch of more people and say they repented . Etc.

    Our world is to repent or be burned by fire as we read in Malachi chapter 4. That is definitely the same punishment as the old testament. God never wanted anyone to die if they could be saved from destruction. Not in the old testament not now not in the new testament. Pedophilia and cannibalism of yong children is the type of thing that received these types of punishments. Two men getting married could only result in a loss of life instead of the first commandment "Multiply and replenish the Earth" Without sound That the whole world but never continue. Same-sex marriage does not allow reproduction and would guarantee the death of the entire world if everyone believed it. That is why the punishment never has changed The people who say it has changed our against anything holy and sacred . God would never Want to punish people If they would Cease and desist from doing Everything that guarantees the destruction of the planet And All human life .

    The second of the Ten Commandments Forbids people To receive their religion from a rock or piece of wood or piece of stone fashioned into an idol . The two main things you Received from a rock is a lot of ignorance and then you end up having to invent your own beliefs which always included human sacrifice and very evil Practices that would destroy the population of the world without fail . There never was an exception And never will be . For us we Are meant to understand by finding out what the law is and don't invent our own laws because Moses explained them very thoroughly but you need to read All the way from Genesis until Deuteronomy Because something incredibly Great cannot be given in the shortest amount of time .

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