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Mozilla's Woke Idea of Chivalry
Mar 12, 2021

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


Mozilla has a woke new plan to protect women from mean words on the Internet, because our dainty maidens just can't handle criticism. Their new Firefox extension will literally alter offensive words on web pages to the word "boss" like something a fourteen-year-old would do. They want to transform the Internet into one giant 'safe space', for de-platforming disagreeable people is no longer enough. This patronizing idea will hopefully trigger feminists and start an outrage mob. It's just what we need: yet another Internet company policing our thoughts as they lock the Internet.

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  • Once I find a good reader mode extension I'll leave Firefox. That's the biggest thing which keeps me with that browser. I'm a slow reader and having a browser read articles to me while I do dishes is huge.

  • Mozilla altering the word “bitch”and switching it to “boss” automatically in its products like Firefox... Mozilla's Woke Idea of Chivalry

  • On the other hand, imagine a future where you watch your favorite videos on Bosschute :)


  • Sarah went from bitch to boss in this video. 😂

  • I can't figure out for the life of me why some people can't see that Corporations are the peoples enemy and are all the same people in charge like the Bilderberg Group and they been allowed to corner markets and price fixing while running all others out of business for full control and the people with community leaders don't get together and start community self sufficient societies without the big corps. from the farm and everything else essential for their communities and teachers to teach your children real truths and real history and that seems to me should be the peoples top priorities now that Corp. Powers have shown their disdain for the People

  • I switched to the Brave browser, The second that mozilla posted their BLM Horse shit. I also sent them a very nasty letter, Ending with, Your finished.

  • I boycott anything that has to do with Google

  • I've been using Dissenter for the last couple months. 99.9% compatible.

    Also - you can wear that turquoise shirt as often as you like. ;-)

  • Knew it mozilla would fall.

  • Keep the faith, Sarah! You've got this!

  • Yes, Mozilla has taken money from both Ford and Open Society Foundations to address "fake news" and other cloaked wokeness.

    From a security pov: Do NOT use Dissenter. It's more than one year behind on security patches and updates (CVEs), some severe. It's irresponsible of Gab to even make it available at this point. Go with Brave and side-load the dissenter plugin if you need it, instead. At least until Gab updates Dissenter (and keeps it updated).

  • Your bitchen Sara!

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