Parents Defeat Anti-White Propaganda
May 07, 2021

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In Southlake, Texas, a group of parents banded together to fight leftist indoctrination that would have taught white students to be ashamed of their race, culture, and heritage. The parents won, in what should be a lesson for the silent majority around the country.

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  • Why is my feed stopping in every video I watch, urrr

  • Anti racism is code for anti Whiteness. Ending racism is only harmful for Whites bc we will lose our identity and our rights to survive as a distinct race or species. Anyone who argues against this is a fool or hates White people.

  • The only way to go is local politics. Maybe then we can reduce the corruption in Government with some simple solutions: Abolish/Prohibit Career Politicians with a Direct Democracy or Real Term Limits. One Term and that is it. Abolish/Prohibit Direct Campaign Donation Abolish/Prohibit Executive/Legislative appointments of judges for life. Ben Franklin advocated the Scottish model where lawyers voted on judges who have Terms. Abolish/Prohibit Government Right to prosecute with out a real victim. Abolish/Prohibit Government Qualified Immunity Abolish/Prohibit Federal Borrowing, returning the Fed Bank to loaning only to business and banks and charge the Treasury with creating a Debt To Equity Coupon for current debt that can only be spend on US Assets. Abolish/Prohibit the Direct Taxation of Income returning Governments to lawful indirect taxation.

  • subbed, you're putting out nice content

  • Republicans would rather hide under their beds or in their closets than confront Democrats. Until that changes, we are going to have a long road to hoe.

  • I wonder how much it takes to make all people realize who and what are all people's problems like Corp. Owned Stooges playing braindead like Government frauds and corp. stooges like dumb bankers and frauds acting like doctors for fun and a load of money but yes the majority do know and see them because they said no to their poison outright and now I say beware of anything in a needle

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