President Kamala Protects Antifa
Mar 03, 2021

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Biden's handlers have begun eliminating the prosecutors who criminally charged Antifa's violent militants throughout the year of 2020. Those Antifa militants have been the Democrat revolutionaries (storm troopers) who kept judges and entire legislatures in line, via a fear of them getting terrorized in their own neighborhoods.

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  • I don't believe Biden is president.. I believe President Trump is cleaning out the Deep State.. Did you know there has been a P.O.W. flag flying at the white house and it goes dark every night at 10 p.m.?

  • There's your justified criticism of the Trump administration. Naivete'. There should have been outrageous response followed by 1 million patriots in the streets of D.C., not no response and 1 million frustrated people with no point in being there. He has to answer to that or he will fail again.

  • I will never understand why Trump didn't deep clean the FBI. Wray and Rosenstein were so obviously liers. Makes my blood boil. And I agree, Trump was very weak in this respect and is partially the reason why he lost the fraudulent election. Remember Bill Barr saying, 'There is no evidence of election Fraud'. Not to mention the ridiculous response to the Russia investigation.

  • To anyone thinking that a Biden “win” can be undone in 2024…. By 2024, the USA will be unrecognizable. The Constitution will be shredded. The RINO Senate will do nothing to stop the Fascist take over. The main objective is to have one government control.

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