The American Stasi Strikes
May 07, 2021

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In the former American Republic, the Biden regime is making lists of its enemies but the God-given rights that are cataloged within the U.S. Constitution are an impediment to his weaponized law enforcement agencies. The Department of Homeland Security is going to hire private companies to do its dirty work, so that it may trounce the 4th Amendment and existing privacy laws. These companies will be working for the government, in a dirt digging (fishing) operation against conservatives and Christians, while pretending not to work for the government.

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  • Lots of the people the Party wants to hurt and kill have no idea how much danger they're in. If the "vaccine" they faithfully took doesn't do the job first. I posted on FB that the CEO of MSNBC has publicly stated that they should kill everyone who voted for Trump with drones. (That would be 150,000,000 Americans since as a good pro Choicer she would enjoy murdering all the children too.) Got put in FB jail for 24 hours for "hate speech." I guess it was, but it wasn't mine. Lol

  • Ashli Babbit would of preferred a knee on the neck rather than a bullet in the neck because she did not take an overdose. I tried leaving this comment on the timcast episode on the Feds going after Chauvin and the other cops 3 times only to have it taken down all 3 times. Also wondering if they aren't identifying the cop who shot cause maybe it wasn't a cop but antifa like the one who bragged about being beside when she got shot and who was paid by CNN and other MSM to be there.

  • It reminds me of the meme: "When you realize that after they abolish the police there's nobody to enforce their crazy gun laws." \m/ ô¿ô \m/

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