The Donald Summons You
Dec 23, 2020

I'm The Crusader Gal. I'm a conservative, writer, political commentator, audio show host, and...


President Trump has called his supporters to Washington D.C. on January 6th, 2021, and this event is not like the others.

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  • Trump is a Banker Bought , Israel First, Zionist Kike

    He is an traitor and working with those who hate Western Kind to cause its destruction

    This event seems to be a scam to get whites into one place to 'protest' and then slip in controlled opposition to cause a 'problem' / event that can be COLLECTIVELY blammed on whites

    No solution exists to fix Statism

    Goverment is the problem, never the solution

  • DO NOT drive into DC on 66 during peak hours, the tolls inside the beltway can be absurd and they change based on traffic. (They only charge from 5:30Am till 9:30AM going into DC and 3p-7p coming out. You can avoid them entirely by not crossing into the beltway before 10A or leaving DC before 7:30A - Oh, and they take a picture of your license plate and send you the bill that way, btw.)

    Also I suggest hotel out of the DC area, you'll save tons. Def wouldn't suggest anything as close as Arlington or Alexandria. If you're flying in, consider Dulles instead of Reagan and just ubering to a subway (Metro). The Metro reaches out past the thick DC sprawl, so wherever you go, might as well stay on the other side of the beltway and then use the Metro.

    Plenty of FREE PARKING at Tyson's Corner Center .. type "Tysons Corner Lot D" into the Waze app and you'll get the parking garage closest to the Metro, very short walk. (I believe there's a similar free spot up on the MD side, probably on the Shady-Grove line, but I don't know that area nearly as well. Found it on accident when I went to a friend's wedding. I only know the VA side well.)

    From Tyson's you just take the silver line toward Largo / metro center. Either get off at Metro Center, Federal Triangle or Smithsonian if you're headed to the national mall area. A lot of these things are by the capital building though, so you'll probably want to trade to Red Line at Metro Center and head toward Glenmot getting off at Judiciary Square. Then walk south. (Numbered streets go North-South and the number goes up the farther west you are. Lettered streets go East-West no matter what side of the mall you're on, if you walking toward A you're heading toward the Mall / capital.)

    Return trip, find Silver or Orange line and head toward Wiehl-Reston or Vienna. If you're on Orange line the tracks / stops are mostly the same but they diverge at East Falls Church, so you'll want to get off and swap back to the silver there.

    Good luck. And remember, stragglers get knifed by antifa so be smart. Also DC is really crazy anti-gun, so don't bring weapons. (I considered getting concealed license there, it isn't particularly difficult, but excessively time consuming, so I didn't.) They'll also literally arrest you and take you in if they see you texting and driving .. but if you're wearing black bloc and burning historic churches, that seems to be fine. ( :\ Ug.) Also I think they have something against drones too, but I'm not sure what -- maybe just be a height restriction.

  • Sarah - you are a modern day Joan! Love the video and will pass on. Keep on Crusading Girl!

  • I see you have three videos up on this new platform! Great start! Is it feasible to upload all your other past videos here too, including any that may have been banned by You Tube?

  • Alexandria is nice and scenic. Arlington is super convenient. There are hotels right across GW Parkway and the main bridge that are inexpensive and have good service. Also, check out Those who plan to stay a few days, will enjoy the local activities.

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