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The 'Jogging While Black' Hoax
Apr 11, 2021

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One of the biggest media stories of alleged racism against blacks in 2020 was the infamous "Jogging While Black" hoax, which ranked near the top position with the "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" hoax. The media's narrative maintained that it's simply not safe to go jogging as a black person in America, because racist whites are purportedly hunting stray blacks like prey. Now, the truth of what really happened has emerged. Ahmaud Arbery was a repeat criminal with violent tendencies, who would routinely "jog" (really fast) from his crime scenes to avoid arrest. His death occurred during a citizen's arrest, not a lynching. He wasn't actually going to choir practice.

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  • great brain on this girl. great video's

  • If the Corp. Owned Governments say it is ok well I guess there are those who forgot God's Laws that are above or at least your Eternity above all the corp. stooges they put in front of the people and too stupid to realize they are on the corp. menu also and usually become their scapegoats

  • When Local Officials become part of the Problem the People must Replace them immediately

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