The Tyrants Are Winning on Catholic Current Radio
Mar 10, 2021

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Sarah and Father Robert McTeigue discussed how our civilization is under attack and how we should begin fighting back. They discussed how the biggest issue may be that too many people have convinced themselves that they need not take action.

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  • I'm sad, now; disappointed. I thought you had more journalistic integrity to have actually read the Q posts, but it is clear you haven't, taking cues from detractors.

    It may be hard to follow up, now; a lot of Twitter/YouTube accounts that were referenced are gone. The Establishment is clearly terrified of this movement; it's worthy of a full investigation. If nothing else, it's worthy from an academic point of view. It's certainly cemented its place in American culture; history in the making.

    For those of us that have been following along, Q posts provide a backdrop to contrast what is reported in the "news"; MSM reports about Q are simply ludicrous compared to what Q actually says.

    Nowhere does Q suggest patriots simply "trust the plan" and STAND DOWN. You should recognize the value of the movement; there have been many researchers over the decades trying to get their message through, but Q managed to awaken a much broader swath in a short period. Very commendable!

    Otherwise…nice work.

  • I think you’re being overly pessimistic. The constitution still reigns supreme, the congress cannot usurp its‘ authority. All societies are based upon basic foundations of family, faith and tradition. Ideologies cannot replace truth with sophistry. A point always comes when society says No. That simple word has been the downfall of a great many regimes that were believed to be omnipotent.

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