Then They Came for Matt Christiansen
Feb 28, 2021

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The latest company to embrace wokeness and starve conservatives is Streamlabs, a company which produces livestream software. Streamlabs has targeted Matt Christiansen, among others, presumably for "hate speech", while pushing its more 'progressive' brand of racism against whites.

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  • Streamlabs bad. Guess they want to lose customers, OK.

  • I found this to be very informative. I hit the Subscribe button. I'm looking forward to Future segments.

  • We should be careful to whom we give our money and attention.

  • Love your show Sarah.

  • Too late, I was rejected, in spite of my qualifications, for financial assistance to poor children from disadvantaged circumstances. Poor, broken home, homeless but high scores. All because of my skin color. This was in 1989 so by now I am very familiar with hypocrite racists. Deux Vult indeed, thank you for the nifty coffee mug, I love it and your work!

  • Same thing just happened with Revenge of the Cis (and their offshoots, Daywave and Nightwave). Seems like most people are moving to Entropy and StreamElements.

    Matt should issue a chargeback through his credit card company or bank. He might not win the dispute, but it'll cost StreamLabs time and money to deal with it.

  • Canceling white people (conservatives) is done in majority by white people

  • I'm black and I just want the left to leave us alone. I don't want their money or their pity and I am sick of them trying to convince me of my alleged oppression when I can see that black people are the most privileged group of people in America right now. These leftists claim that it's conservatives and people on the right who are racist but they cannot go a day without bringing up race; they are obsessed with it. They think that black and brown people cannot fend for themselves or succeed without their woke handouts. Imagine being so deluded in your racism that you actually believe your skin color gives you special powers to oppress other people simply by virtue of being white. They are delusional and I'm sick of them treating black people like little pets who cannot function in life without their sympathetic ritualistic virtue signaling. It's downright sickening to watch.

  • Keep the faith Sarah! Amidst all the noise, YOU have a place.......

  • Start using crypto currencies - the path to freedom. A country with a central bank (pretty much all of them) is not a free country.

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