TubeShift Plugin Uncensors the Net
May 01, 2021

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A new browser plugin can help to overcome YouTube's censorship by providing quick access to where a video can be watched at alternative sites, even after YouTube has removed it.

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  • This needs to be built into the dissenter browser!

  • What's wrong with Fire Fox?

  • We use Firefox... because it's BAD if one browser engine dominates the market!! Also they're doing some groundbreaking work with performance, still work in progress, good extensions.

  • I guess nobody can break the power of IOS,,,,

  • It takes a little bit to get used to. However once you see how it works, I was able to identify 5 channels on youtube that were also being hosted on either bitchute or odysee. I am glad to move off of youtube as much as possible.

  • I use Firefox for commerce sites. Dissenter doesn't work in that capacity...and fuck Google. lol.

  • Thank you Sarah, that was an excellent tip and I've just installed it!

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