We Have a Police Problem
Jan 20, 2021

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The "Back the Blue" movement needs to die, for our modern police are the willing instruments of tyranny. They run interference for Antifa and Black Lives Matter awhile participating in a campaign of destroying businesses, preventing assemblies, and terrorizing people who refuse to wear masks. America is close to becoming like other Western nations where the police patrol Twitter to find thought criminals. Disregarding the agenda or the plandemic are already clearly forbidden. As this is being written, the U.S. military is being deputized in the nation's capital to eventually induce martial law, in utter disregard of it being absolutely forbidden by the Constitution (for the military to police citizens on U.S. soil).

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  • Police become a tool of enforcement to attack social disobedience,,,, NWA said Fuck Da Police

  • Well said young lady. Having been a cop myself I can tell you, first hand, how very few and far between the brave cops are. Most cops dutifully follow orders without any real thought about the fact that they're harassing most people. Case in point are ticket quotas. Anyone who tells you that there aren't ticket quotas is either uninformed or is lying to you. Municipalities use speeding citations as a form of income. The game is that if you come to court the judge often throws out the citation. In doing so the court fees remain in the town coffers. I routinely was harassed by command staff and other cops who refused to recognize why I believed that my role as a cop was not running radar all day long. My job as a cop was driving through the neighborhoods and stopping and talking with people. It was also parking my car in the business district and walking in and out of businesses and talking with people so that they knew I was there to look after them. Cops need to recognize that they are rapidly being turned in the brown shirts. They need to decide if they're going to stand with the populace or not. If they're unwilling to do so, they need to stand aside. Tyranny cannot be allowed to rule our nation.

  • This is actually extremely ignorant. The people in blue dont call the shots, they are just following orders. Very similar to the military...they do what they are told. Its the scumbad dems making the calls. Thumbs down to you

  • Guessing you are not a Trump support. Trump says to back the blue and support the police, who said ( though I dont believe) they backed Trump. I agree the police are the new brown shirts of the deep state. Nuremberg type trials need to be held against the police officers who are say they where just doing what they are ordered. You do the crime cops you do the time. Any cop that upholds a bad order is no longer a good cop.

  • Glad I made it.

  • Wow! A TRUE intellectual voice on the conservative side. Couldn't sub fast enough.

  • The police should not be put in this position in the first place. Need to go back to the root of the problem. The fact that we are having to have this discussion is telling and we are no longer living in the free world and if we were there would be no such laws for people to have discretion over. I have seen in places like China (less so these days) where the laws are unclear and the police are feared and just make up the law as they go along.

  • The whole thing is totally wrong and has been from the beginning. The government's job is to inform the public of the facts and allow each of us to make our own risk assessment and take responsibility for our actions.

  • At the trials at Nuremburg Nazi who claimed they had to obey orders from their commanding officers. They were told they had to obey God before any other. Where did that decision go?

  • my first encounter with you and i am in love already not bad looking either.... subscribed!

  • "Back the blue" = socialism for cops

  • Police chief also should be the one using the discretionary power, saying that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws or regulations that will press the public. They are they are ultimately to protect and serve, and opressing us, well, that is the exact opposite.

  • 100% you are correct. Awesome video Sarah, & I think people gotta wake up & smell the coffee. Cause the police are not on our side.

  • holy Crap..leftists would shut this woman down in seconds.. this is good stuff!!

  • I agree, it is a two edged sword and needs a lot of work. The people pay their salaries and are their employers, not the mayor or city.

  • I'm sure this will anger a few people, but this is how I see it:

    Several years ago, I read an article written by a retired police chief, in which he stated that the field of law enforcement tends to attract those who like to dominate and control other people. Based on my three decades of experience as a (now retired) 9-1-1 dispatcher of police, fire and EMS, I think he hit the nail squarely on the head. That having been said, I have several friends who are/were some of the decent LEOs.

    While I always dealt with some genuinely decent officers, I found that the majority -- perhaps 2/3 -- of those I dealt with on a daily basis fit that retired chief's description, just based on the arrogance with which they treated their civilian dispatchers. When 9-1-1 was a county department separate from the police, the county was usually pretty fair in handling complaints between dispatchers and officers or departments. However, after the sheriff's office used some deceptive auditing -- which they conducted, of course -- as a pretense to wrest control of the department from the county, such complaints were almost always decided against the dispatchers. Funny how that worked out.

    So while my default position is still to "back the blue," I don't do so indiscriminately. As a conservative, I hate to say that, but recent events in particular should make anyone cautious when dealing with the police.

  • I've seen a few good stories about sheriffs that publicly stated they were not going to enforce unconstitutional mask mandates and gun laws. Not many but it's nice to know there are some good ones out there.

  • This movement never made an impact to me. Do I support law and order? Yes. Does everyone support L&O? Nope, the left does not and a lot of the right does . So when our politaclass does not care, that is a breakdown of society. I don't trust anyone. I play ambiguous games with my enemies. Never speak to LEOS AS friends.

  • We have many problems. Conservatism does not conserve anything. This system needs to die. "Solutions" are naive. Violence solves problems. Just look at how well it worked for the Left.

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