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When "Teens" Attack
Mar 22, 2021

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We always know the race of a criminal whenever the media only describes him as a "teen", which has now replaced "urban youth" from yesteryear. This pattern was seen in the recent case of a disabled man in Rochester, N.Y. who was horrifically set afire and burned to death by two "teens". The media participates in a campaign of damage control, wherein violent crimes are always reported in a way to emphasize white perpetrators and black victims, even though victimizations are much more likely to be in the other direction. When the races of violent crimes are actually reported, we can be reliably certain that the crimes conveniently fit the narrative. Otherwise, the racial makeup is obscured. The "White Supremacy" and "systemic racism" narratives must be maintained at all cost. Journalism be damned.

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  • Monkeys belong in cages

  • This is the kind of crime that deserves the death penalty!

  • This is horrendous,,,savages, no core values, this is just evil and sick

  • So true Sarah.

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