'White Privilege' Means No Vaccine for Grandma
Dec 28, 2020

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Now that a Wuhan corona virus vaccine is here, the leftists of our media and university systems want to make sure that Caucasians cannot receive it, especially the elderly, who are the most vulnerable. Life is apparently a privilege, and whites already have too much privilege. Thus, things are being "leveled" for fairness.

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  • Even my sister in law who watches CNN and those "mainstream Poperganda outlets...Think that white people are racist and that they can't help themselves.. She's a fair week in the mind.. But who buys that story that everybody is a racist but that some racists Think about each other's color of skin.?..MLK said "Do not judge people by the color of their skin".. If they are strangers then get to know them. But until you know them, they are strangers..

  • Harald Schmidt -- most likely Jewish.

  • 70 years of Marxist Communist propaganda across the west has culminated today in anti white racism openly promoted across all mainstream media and every institution and major corporation . It's everywhere and it's going to get a lot worse. The average Communist/leftist and the media believe the effect of all this propaganda will subdue the white race in to become 3rd class citizens - because we deserve it. However, the full blown ideological Communist knows very well it will lead to mass murder of whites. I mean, you don't build up decades of hatred against a group and expect that hatred to simply evaporate. No, the hatred must and will eventually be released and it will lead to mass murder and genocide. It's not just a western problem because the left have been promoting anti white hatred across the world. Not Russia though, hmmm, I wonder why,

    The moral of the story is quite simple. White people had better understand the gravity of the situation and do something about it or they're going to experience horrors they could never imagine, I'm not talking about this happening in some distant future. This is 20 years away at most. The simple fact is when whites become minorities in their own countries the slaughter will begin.

  • No one in their right mind would want these vaccines anyway.

  • It would be great to hear an un-self-censored video from you Sarah, like a GAB exclusive so you won't have to walk on eggshells. ;-)

  • consider this bill gates, soros and other criminals that want to decreose human population with 85%!!! would they really force all people in the world to take a vaccine that protects against diseases and save people from certain death on the corona!?

  • Sarah, if the vax is widely available, are you going to get vaxxed?

  • It's fascinating to see how effective this propaganda campaign is. Make minorities believe they are a priority to get a brand new vaccine that supposedly cures a virus with a lethality rate of 00.3%. You can bet white privilege will be the lack of side effects due to not taking the vaccine.

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