Jul 10, 2021

Digital Marketing for Small Business

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As an Email Marketing Service, I receive a lot of questions from entrepreneurs and small business owners about email marketing. Most of them are doing all the marketing themselves for their business, and really struggle with things like what content to include in emails, how long they should be, etc If this sounds like you, then this video will cover the most commonly asked questions, and give you some practical answers from my experience in email marketing for small businesses.

----- Your Questions -----

  1. Should I create separate/specific content for email marketing? I'm already pumping out content on my blog, social posts etc
  2. What should I focus on in my emails?
  3. Do I need big emails?
  4. Are text based emails really important?
  5. How can I write emails faster?
  6. What metrics do I track?
  7. What ratio of selling vs non selling emails?
  8. When I first start and don't have much of an email list, should I consistently send out emails once a week?
  9. Should I send out youtube (or GabTV) videos to my email list?

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  • Splintering content frees up so much time! Excited to dabble into email marketing as I keep hearing how successful (and affordable) it can be for one's business.

  • Great video !!

  • If you are looking for a great, NON WOKE, email marketing platform, I recommend Constant Contact. Use the free trial link in the description or view some of the emails I've made here:

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