How to use Gab Social - An Alternative Social Media Platform
Jun 22, 2021

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Are you looking for a GOOD alternative social media platform? In this video I go over what Gab Social is, how to use Gab, and how you can use Gab for marketing your small business.

Gab Social is know for being a conservation platform for people who desire social media that values their freedoms, and its growth shows just how popular it is becoming!

In this Gab tutorial, you'll even learn how to transition to a new social platform if you are already deeply integrated into something like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Snag your Guide to Gab below for the written tutorial of this Facebook alternative.

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  • Very helpful as I'm brand new to the platform and am considering the pros & cons of investing in a Pro membership for my business. Thanks!

  • Thanks, Sarah. Nicely done.

  • You can get your Gab Cheat Sheet here:

  • great video!! spreading the word!! <3 <3

  • If you chose to spread lies about GAB then you're not going to last a long time around here as I'll make sure to expose you myself.

  • SICKENING SICKENING SICKENING how much some ppl are willing to lie. GAB isn't growing at 10,000 users a Day, that's 100% Bullshit and every Day users know it. Most importantly GAB sure does CENSOR, she's paid to promote and lie I'm not paid so I tell the truth. many of us have noticed how GAB began CENSORING certain posts a few months back.

    Also, I've personally had all my content/GAB's deleted, all my Followers erased and the accounts I Followed removed simply because according to GAB staff ppl complained I was a Spambot account which is 100% UNTRUE. One quick look at my account and you can see it's human activity and human generated comments, heck my Banner back then even had a second picture of me standing next to my motorcycle.

    I'm not sure exactly why this woman lies but essentially some of what she said is 100% False.

  • Nice video, and very helpful to new users. I'm adding it to my Tips and Tricks sheet. If you do a second video, here's some more tips

    Tips and Tricks

    How to Filter SPAM

    • Click on your image in the upper right
    • Go to Settings
    • Select Filters
    • Add a new filter
    • Select all filter contexts, and set to drop instead of hide. For SPAM you can add their domain name ( and not have to worry about keeping up with changes
    • Save new filter
    • Click on "Back to Gab Social" at top left

    How to Find People With Similar Interests If someone posts something of interest, click on their profile and see who they follow. After a while you will find many people with similar interests. After following someone, click on the star next to the follow button to add them to your shortcuts. Look through the people I'm following. You'll see some familiar names.

    Create a list (click List in left home panel) and name it by category, add multiple members in the list. When you open the list, the newest posts from the members will populate the list.

    Groups Search through the categories of groups to find ones that interest you. Give the page a bit of time to refresh Many groups were set to private to avoid spam. Click on the Request to Join and they will let you in After joining a group, click the star next to Member button to add to your shortcuts. Post in groups, interact and follow other people, create great content, and you can build up a following pretty quickly.

    Join Gab Pro. It's worth it, and you'll be helping to keep Gab up and running

    Try out Gab Trends (look lower left). It's better than Drudge Report

    Gab has their own URL shortener They don't track you or collect your information.

    If you don't want search engines to index your profile, you can change the setting in preferences "βœ… Opt-out of search engine indexing"

    Video guide: getting started on Gab

    How to use Gab Social - An Alternative Social Media Platform

    More at

    Search tips

    • Posts including Clinton or Trump: "trump clinton"
    • Posts including both Clinton and Trump: "+trump +clinton"
    • Posts including "breitbart" but not "trump": "breitbart -trump"
    • Posts including "clinton" or similar words: "clinton~"

    Download and install the Dissenter browser which is made by Gab and has the Dissenter plugin that allows you to comment on any site

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