Jul 02, 2021

Digital Marketing for Small Business

Canceling big tech one platform at a time. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Freedom is gained by action. These weekly...



Is Gab social good for small business marketing? We will see if Gab is right for your type of business, and go over practical daily steps you can take to market your business on Gab social.

Gab Social is a conservative social media platform with huge goals for 2021 -- Such as a marketplace, business listings and p2p payment processor. Whether you sell products online, or provide local business services, you will see what to do to grow a following. Subscribe for future practical marketing tips for your business using alternative options. Let's cancel big tech, one platform at a time.

----- Video Contents -----

  1. Brief Gab Overview
  2. Is Gab right for your Business?
  3. Steps for Marketing on
  4. Problem I had with my Gab Account
  5. More Resources

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  • I'm very excited about Gab and hopeful that it will help me promote my church capital campaign business. Your videos on how to do this on Gab are HUGELY helpful. Thank you, Sarah. :-)

  • Thanks for the video! I'm still relatively new on Gab and I had completely forgotten about groups. Time to start posting!

  • Good advice - well done!

  • Congratulations. Gab recommendations got me the first video recommend I was really interested to click

  • I am excited that there will be Business Listings, Ads, p2p marketplace and even monetizing of GabTV coming very soon! More Gab Marketing videos to come, too.

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