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In Memory of Ron Hatton; He Learned the Game & Paid the Ultimate Sacrifice
Jun 08, 2022


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Ron Hatton figured it all out. Hear his story first hand and you will see why the big boys didn't like him. He sacrificed it all for the people. A hero in his own right. Watch my original 2018 interview where he tells his story. It's amazing.

Original Show description: Ron Hatton joins the program to explain how the Automakers purposely decrease gas mileage and cause your engine to run much less efficiently on purpose. He learned this disturbing fact after spending years researching ways to increase performance and efficiency. His years of research has led him to create Gadgetman, a device that gives on average 37% efficiency and works on virtually every make and model on the market. His invention led to very interesting conversations with both Ford and GM as they attempted to buy and shelf his product. He also had interesting problems with the patent office as he explains.

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