Jun 24, 2021




"As a child of the eighties, I’m old enough to remember when “racism” was understood to be a way of viewing one ethnicity or skin color as better than or superior to the other. Something like that. The basic idea was simple: People of certain skin colors or ethnicities were worth less than others and should be treated accordingly. This is, of course, disgusting and evil, but that’s what “racism” was way back in the day.

But now we have a new definition of racism that has turned the tables completely upside down, making hatred and mistreatment of one particular ethnicity or skin color not only completely legitimate, but virtuous and good..."



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  • Your concern is legitimate, but your premise is misleading. Please do not conflate racism with ethnocentrism and make the mistake of engaging in tribalism. If you are concerned with balance and intellectual honesty, then make sure that you don't monolithicize cultures and communities of color. It is misleading to suggest that white's are under attack when it can be maintained that "coloreds" are under siege. The larger point that must be made is that this nation is run by corporate interests. In plain language: follow the money. There will always be those who exploit the fears of the uninformed so that power can be maintained. Whether BLM, PB, KKK, LGBTQ or any other alphabet commune, we must ask: Who in Hell is curating these clown shows?" As a psychiatrist and theologioan I can safely say that America has mainstreamed mental illness in the name of an unabashed lasciviousness. As one mentor asked nearly 50 years ago, Dr. Karl Menninger, "Whatever Became of Sin?" When we answer that the dialogues can begin!

  • Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy your content! God bless!

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