May 18, 2022




As many of us know from reading the news, there was an illegal leaking of a working document written by Justice Alito. The document signed by four other justices is supposedly the majority opinion that will ultimately overturn the infamous decision known as Roe vs. Wade. This is certainly a victory for the pro-life movement, but the damage down over the last 50 years is incalculable, not just in the loss of human life, but also in the corruption of motherhood in the minds of many. Direct abortion is against every instinct of a woman. What young girl hasn't dreamed of the day when she would have children of her own? It is one of the most natural desires a woman can have. When misused, however, this God-given desire can lead to some serious consequences. The society we live in today has practically put its blessing upon sexual gratification outside of marriage, and, subsequently, a contraceptive mentality and abortion on demand are the results. Even some married women with children have been corrupted by the culture of death and find themselves with appointments at abortion clinics. Modern culture offers abortion as an acceptable solution for unwanted pregnancies. Women are told that negative feelings following an abortion are invalid and that they should suppress or deny those feelings. In fact, direct abortions are now to be affirmed as a positive experience for the mother.

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