Jan 13, 2021

Rob Colbert

A collection of videos uploaded here as a way of sharing longer videos on Gab Social. So,...



Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam, Jack Maxey and special guests bring you the most important news from around the world – 24/7 news. This segment features Andrew Torba, CEO and Founder of, discussing the options people have in today's overly-censored online world.

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  • We need War Room replays on Gabtv!!

  • Still upgrading to handle the traffic, but damn I feel so much better about not getting suspended or shadow banned for having a different opinion!

  • YES!! Our Tech Hero!! Thanks for holding the line, being a leader & not a follower. ♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Im so excited about all this!!! Thank, thank, thank!!!

  • Thanks Andrew

  • The little gab ads are awesome

  • David vs Goliath. Go Gab!

  • If it's not feasible to produce the phone in the US (hopefully you find a way), then at least manufacture it in Taiwan, that'll learn them!

  • Man that iconic hat gets me every time. Scrappy Scranton Hat.

  • Dissenter browser really is the shit, fastest browser i've ever used. Got rid of chrome about 6 months ago, will never go back to that slow pos.

    If the jews don't own the app and can't suppress free speech they will do everything in their power to get rid of it.

  • Anxiously awaiting the new phone. Mine is working fine, but 2016, with things I don't want. Not very tech, so something set up and ready to rock will make my day. Great interview, Gab is now on the map and Andrew is a juggernaut!

  • I'm having some Trouble opening pages ,but thanks for this new platform with free speech

  • If you're a CEO/CIO/CTO and you have your enterprise's data and/or services beholden to a cloud platform, then parler's experience ought to be causing you some significant distress. If I were a CEO/CIO/CTO, I'd be thinking very hard about bringing all my data and services back in-house, post haste! Look at the likes of Kubernetes and their strongly pro BLM bias. Alas, I'm just a lowly technician, so what would I know - but I do get to watch as the disaster unfurls:D You've all been warned - and not by me. You've been warned by none other than Amazon, in concert with Parler. Think about it:D You know I'm right:D

  • I don't care what new systems I have to learn. I don't care if initially its an inconvenience to move over to. But I am Done with big tech.

    Dude, this video almost made me weep. The fact you are ahead of this is going to save America ... actually it may save the planet.

    Thanks ANDREW.. You are a hero.

  • gab server? Technically challenging to install and config? :D I'm interested:D Sounds like you guys would be well served by a scalable appliance-like approach to this:D Sounds very interesting!

  • Brilliant! Can't wait. Thank you.

  • I'm interested in the Gab Phone. Hope they sell it internationally

  • Our hometown hero!

  • Free speech builders such Andrew Torba are God Senders, action 100% and not just chaos builders

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