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Gab vs. Gettr
Jan 22, 2022

Shannon Alexander

I make short videos about things.



A compilation comparing Tim Pool’s interviews with both Jason Miller (Gettr) and Andrew Torba (Gab).

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  • White Nationalist isn't a bad thing. Hillary Clinton is a White Nationalist. Jason Miller is a White Nationalist -- unless he is a Libertarian. Jason Miller looks really unimpressive in this interview. I don't even get the point of Gettr. It feel so limiting. Gab has a much better feel and openness and community....other than the people who can't stop with the Jewish conspiracy stuff which is an actual losing strategy. ha ha ha. but whatever.

  • This GETTR guy's utter mincing of words is pathetic. Death to GETTR and all false free speech platforms.

  • Nobody ever really leaves the CCP! If this guy from china has family left in china, he is still on good terms with the CCP

  • After watching this, wouldn't join GETT'R on a dare. Miller talking in circles and slamming other platforms tells me he would "cave" in a heartbeat. Any bets on how long it takes Amazon, Apple Google to ban hos sorry platform? Then where will he be?

  • Torba on Tims show! Awesome!!!

  • Of course they ban videos of murder, it would make people racist when they notice who commits the majority of those acts...

  • Nick isn't even a White Nationalist. What a joke GETTR is

  • Audio is not properly synced on my end.

  • That was a lot of tap dancing!

  • Maybe put a ⚠️Warning ⚠️ on your post, oh wait....

  • If anyone watches this and still thinks Gettr supports free speech... you're an absolute moron. Their CEO just bent in 500 different ways to answer every question with a LIE.

  • so not free speech these people want to control what you say, a free speech site gives you a block button and a filter button it gives you power it doesn't treat you like a serf.

  • Someone likes Chinese food

  • I understand you did this in more chronological order, but you should have started with some of the shorter cuts back and forth between gab and gettr. I love this video though.

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