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I Lift Things Up And Put Them Down
Dec 21, 2020

Shawn Snyder

Thoughts on muscle, tech, privacy, and being a Christian man in today's world.

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495 x 4. (Mix of bumper and iron 45s)

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  • @mattmarzula The socks is only because my current shoes are old and loose and don't provide a solid platform to lift heavy on. As far as the rolling, that's to re-set the bar into the correct position as I get my body tense and set to ready for the lift. I've picked up certain things and keep iterating on my form as I continuously study form. One such video I've picked some stuff on is from Eddie Hall - the first man to lift 500 kg:

  • Literally the first time I have ever seen anyone deadlift in socks or roll the weight toward their self like that. Is this some new way of doing the oldest lift in existence?

  • Fuggin yeehaw it is then

  • Headpones rip.

  • Whoaaaa man, thats some serious lifting.

  • Dude, your headphone wearing form needs work.

  • i hate over the ear headphones for working out. i have to use ear bud style or nothing at all. oh, and, sick dead lift.

  • Looks like 650# deadlift YIKES !
    I do 3 sets of 15 reps of 700# leg presses.
    650# dead lift is BAD ASS !

  • Nice work. Who needs them stinkin headphones!

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